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It is very important that you select a number of «good» domain names because it will make your marketing campaign much easier and less costly. Maybe, you can even make a profit only by securing «the right» domain name. Here is why: every day thousands of people are starting to use the internet. The vast majority of those newbies don't have any training as to how to set up a browser or an email account. Why should they? People like Bill Gates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin have created amazing tools that enable almost any person with an internet connection to access a webpage. When you purchase a new PC today it comes with everything you need to use the internet. Within minutes after set up you click on «World Wide Web» and up comes Microsoft's Internet Explorer. (Yes, I know there are lots of other browsers available such as Opera but Microsoft is holding the Lion's share with more than 90% of all «netcitizens» using a version of the MS Internet Explorer family. In 2005 a new version of Microsoft's Windows is hitting the market and it will come with an integrated web browser so it will be even easier to open a web page. You don't need any training to know what a webaddress, also known as URL «Uniform Resource Locator» looks like.

Nowadays webaddresses are everywhere:
On TV in the news and advertisements, on any piece of stationary, especially on business cards, on company trucks and cars, in stadiums, on billboards, in magazines, on T-shirts, on pens well, the list is ever growing. People don't even think of the syntax of a URL it's just the name of the company, product, service, organization or whatever they happened to be looking for plus «dot com» (.com) or .net
So, when you are looking for information on how to quit smoking, what would be the first address you typed into your browser? A «good» domain name is therefore a name that doesn't need much additional promotion. Just because it's what people are looking for when they access the internet. These domain names are called «generic» as they describe a general category, a general need or topic of great interest or popularity. Such domain names can have great value, especially in the years to come as it is getting more and more difficult to register them.

The most spectacular and most expensive domain name transfer that has taken place so far is which was purchased by the Californian firm group «E-companies». Initially the domain had been registered by an individual and E-companies paid $7.5 million to acquire it. Now, the name is Inc., a subsidiary of E-companies.

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