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E-Business Book: Modern Font and all Browsers

Why establish a Business on the Internet?
The Advantages of the Internet
What does it take to be successful?
A Word on Success...
Case Studies - ESL/EFL websites - A Success Story
Success Patterns
Who is
What's in a Name?
Give me web address!
Be creative with Your Domain Name!
Business Idea: Restaurant and Pub Guide
Getting Online
Ask Your Users!
Interactivity is the Key
Fast Loading and Easy Navigation
Modern Font and all Browsers
Update Your Site often
Isn't it All About Google?
English Language Exercises 2206 English Exercises
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Use a modern font, good contrast and resolution
Your website contains information some graphics and a lot of text. People are used to reading text in black fonts on a white background. Why change this on a website? Have you ever bought a book or newspaper with a dark background and coloured fonts? Please bear in mind that when it comes to text the most pleasant combination for the human eye is black on white especially for people with bad vision. Imagine the book you are reading right now had been written in some sort of green font on a dark background. The chances are you would have thrown it away after the first paragraph. As mentioned earlier in this chapter we recommend you use a modern typeface (font) such as «Verdana». This text for example is written in «Verdana» and you will see that it is much easier to read than old-fashioned ones such as «Times New Roman». Here is a sentence in «Times New Roman» that will show you what we mean. Also, you should design your website so that it can be viewed on a 15 inch monitor with a smaller resolution without too much scrolling. It is true that many people already have larger monitors with higher resolutions but you want to reach as many of your visitors as possible. Someone with a more capable monitor can always enjoy a website that has been designed for a smaller monitor. Yet this is doesn't work vice versa.

Test your site in various browsers
As you know most people access the world wide web with one browser «Microsoft Internet Explorer». Yet, you have to make sure your website looks good and works well when viewed through different browsers. (there are more than two thousand different browser versions in use worldwide).
By different browsers we mean all versions such as the following browsers:
  • «Microsoft Internet Explorer» (most popular)
  • «Netscape Navigator»
  • «Opera» (gaining popularity)
  • «Apple Safari» (web browser from Apple Computer optimized for Mac OS X)
  • «Konqueror» (Unix-based Web browser)
  • «iCab» (web browser for Macintosh)
It is vital for you to check and test your website with as many different browsers as possible because people using makes other than «MS Internet Explorer» or «Netscape Navigator» will appreciate even more your efforts and skills and promote your site accordingly.

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Author: Torsten Daerr & Alan Townend

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