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E-Business Book: Who is

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Who is
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English Language Exercises 2206 English Exercises
This English grammar test package will help you learn new phrases, idioms, expressions and grammar structures every single day. And you won't even have to cram any grammar rules or vocabulary words into your head. Instead, you will be absorbing bits and pieces of the English language almost without realizing it.
Let's get back to the story again to see what the next steps to your own internet success are. 1998 Alan Townend and Torsten Daerr met on the internet when the latter was looking for a partner to work on We have already mentioned that we tried to build a website featuring interactive English exercises but for a number of reasons we didn't really succeed. We didn't know how exactly our website would stand out before the many others that had already been around for a while attracting more and more users. Alan is from the UK whereas Torsten is from Germany and both have met only once in person so far in the summer of 1999. After that meeting there was a rather long silence between the two of them which ended when Alan contacted Torsten in November 2002 saying that he was still determined to work on a joint online project. By this time Torsten had met Slava Gromov, a very talented and energetic internet programmer and web designer. Slava had already designed a number of interactive websites and he was looking for a new project. In the beginning of 2003 Slava completed a website for TOEIC test centre in Leipzig.

Torsten suggested that it would be a good idea to create interactive tests aiming at preparing the user for the TOEIC test. These tests could be offered on the internet for free to attract prospective clients who would then sign up for the TOEIC exam. One of the major steps was to search for appropriate domain names to host this new project. This will be a vital task in your plan too: As soon as you have decided what area you want to establish your internet business in you have to create a domain name portfolio. As with our English tests we have registered an entire line of domains to promote our site. In the beginning we thought we should focus on Germany as our target market because our TOEIC test centre is located in Leipzig and we initially had planned the English Tests to serve as a sales vehicle for the TOEIC exams at our TOEIC test centre. We soon realized that there was a much greater potential for the English Tests project.

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Author: Torsten Daerr & Alan Townend

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