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This is an interview with John Snow, Business Development Director of
John, you are the Business Development Director of an internationally operating company. Could you please tell us what exactly you are responsible for?

My responsibility covers everything to do with business generation both for new clients, and the expansion of existing accounts. This ranges from Telesales through to online and offline marketing.
Why did you choose the translation service industry as your profession?

I originally worked in the technology market selling eProcurement and CMS systems. I was approached to work in translation as these types of systems were starting to have a big impact on the industry.
It seems that the internet is the ideal medium to market and promote the kind of services your company is offering. Would you agree?

Our main medium for new business generation is the website and nearly all of our marketing spend is focused on driving traffic to the site. We are also currently developing a customer portal to allow people to deal with everything via a web interface.
Your website has reached a very solid Google Pagerank. Which role is Google playing in your promotion activities?

Google plays a major role in our marketing activity, and counts for around 60% of all our website traffic. Everything we do with the website is done with consideration of potential effects on our ranking.
On your website you list Symantect as one of your clients. I have read some of Symantec's software documentation in German and must admit it's flawless. What languages does translate into for Symantec?

The work we've done for Symantec has been for the main European languages although of course we would love to do much more.
Appliedlanguage is offering a unique reward program to their clients. How exactly does it work?

It is based on the level of spend a customer has with us, and that is converted into points. These can be redeemed for something as small as a picnic hamper through to family holidays in Florida.
Your headquarters are in the UK and you have an office in New York. Are you planning to set up offices in other countries too?

There are two more offices planned in the coming year, one in LA and another in Amsterdam. The aim is to consolidate with the customers we have on the West Coast of the USA and start to expand our European customer base.
Which impact does the latest EU enlargement have on the translation industry?

The impact of the EU enlargement is a very exciting time for the translation market, and will create massive opportunities. Right from the EU itself and all other European Public Bodies down to any business that wants to capitalize on the opportunity these new markets present.
You are also running a comprehensive ESL/EFL webdirectory that is constantly updated. Where do you see the link between your services and English as second language?

Due to the volume of visitors we have on the site what we are trying to do is create a useful resource of everything language related.

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