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Below you can see part of a word list submitted by Mark of Medan Education. His list covers vocabulary words that are related to the topic «Travel».

Sample theme-based vocabulary test (theme: Travel)
(word definitions by Babylon Ltd.)

aisle [plural: aisles]
n. passage; walkway (between rows of seats)
It is against the law in some countries for passengers to stand in the aisle of the bus whilst the vehicle is still in motion.

accommodation [plural: accommodations]
n. housing; residence; lodging
Backpackers often choose to stay in accommodation which many people would consider to be substandard.

board [boarded; boarded; boarding]
v. to get on; to go aboard (a train, a ship, a bus, etc.)
The clerk at the check-in counter announced over the intercom that flight QF205 from Sydney to Melbourne was now ready for boarding.

consulate [plural: consulates]
n. office of a consul (official chosen by a government to represent its interests in a foreign country)
Tourists intending to visit Indonesia are advised to observe travel warnings issued by their respective consulate before finalizing their travel arrangements.

disembark [disembarked; disembarked; disembarking]
v. to go ashore from a boat; to leave a plane or vehicle; to land
The passengers were instructed not to disembark from the passenger jet until it came to a complete stop.

dock [docked; docked; docking]
v. to bring a boat to a dock
The cruise liner finally docked in the safety of the harbour after a disastrous night on the open sea.

itinerary [plural: itineraries]
n. route; travel route; travel plans; travel journal; record of a journey; travel guidebook
First time travellers are advised to seek the help of a travel agent in planning their travel itineraries.

quarantine [quarantined; quarantined; quarantining]
v. to hold in isolation; to hold in confinement
Travellers who breach the terms and conditions of their visas are usually quarantined by immigration authorities prior to being deported.

turbulent [more turbulent; most turbulent; less turbulent; least turbulent]
adj. disturbed; troubled; agitated; causing disturbance; causing violence Many passengers were distressed by the turbulent trans-Atlantic flight from USA to England.

voyage [plural: voyages]
n. trip; journey; travel; cruise; story of a journey
Memoirs of an intrepid traveller?s voyages throughout South-East Asia were published in a weekend edition of the local newspaper.

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