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to estimate; to gauge; to evaluate; to measure
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English Synonyms, Elementary Level

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English Synonym, Elementary Level 
1. Synonyms for quit6. Synonyms for beat and strike
2. Synonyms for adapt7. Synonyms for lonely and alone
3. Synonyms for change8. Synonyms for mistake and error
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4. Synonyms for move9. Synonyms for robber and thief
5. Synonyms for walk10. Synonyms for trip and journey

English Synonyms
How to take these tests?

In this test you you will see 10 sentences in which one word or phrase is missing.

Can you hear what he is ......?

There are four answers:

(a) saying
(b) speaking
(c) telling
(d) talking

Only one answer is correct.
You should click on the correct answer and then on «check your score».


Can you hear what he is saying?

Answer (a) — saying is correct.

And now Good Luck with the tests!

Yours Daniela Encheva
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