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The tenses: Past Simple

The Tenses
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Past Simple
Past Continuous
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(1) An action in the past usually associated with an adverb of time or some other indicator of past time
(2) An action in the past where the past is not directly mentioned but it is implied or suggested by the rest of the sentence
(3) A habitual event in the past.
(4) Describing a state or condition in the past.


(1) The sound of the birds early in the morning woke me yesterday.
(2) Shakespeare not only wrote plays but he also acted in them as well.
(3) Every year when she was young she went to the seaside for her holiday
(4) She looked very surprised to see me when he visited her on Tuesday

All the sentences are positive. In order to make them negative we have to change them as: (1) didn't (did not) wake me (2) didn't (did not) only write he didn't (did not) act (3) she wasn't (was not) she didn't (did not) go (4) she didn't (did not) look he didn't (did not) visit

All the sentences are statements. In order to make them interrogative we have to change them as (1) did the sound wake me? (2) did he write / did he act? (3) was she?/did she go? (4) did she look?/did he visit?

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