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Lesson 18
Dear Friend,

How do you like the title of this lesson, number 18? I'm talking about the idiom "a piece of cake" which means something that is very easy to do. Well, in today's lesson you can hear Sue talk about the days of the week. Actually, in that session she only talks about the last three days of the week which make up the weekend. It's interesting that so many people seem to live just for the weekend. Here in Germany on every private radio station you can hear the presenters remind their listeners that "the weekend" is so close. It's almost as if the other five days of the week are just useless. But I'm drifting from the main point a bit. What I wanted to ask you is if you can name and spell all the days of the week correctly. Now, before you say that this is nothing but a piece of cake, let me tell you that I have met quite a lot of "advanced" English learners who will muddle up these words and most importantly, will forget to capitalize the days of the week. So I hope you don't fall into this category of people. You are probably somebody who is interested in learning English properly and is always getting the days of the week right.

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Something you can do on any day of the week, is white water rafting. I don't know if you have ever tried this sport but I can assure you it's a great way to get an additional shot of adrenaline. I also don't know if Alan is a professional white water rafter but I do know that he is a professional English test writer and sure enough he has written a test on white water rafting.

I hope you'll stay dry while you take this test. Oh, and here is the MP3 file about the days of the week again.

Please stay tuned for lesson 19.

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