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Meaning of "hoarding may result"

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'without (a) trace' vs 'without traces' | What does this phrase mean: "all over"?
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Meaning of "hoarding may result" #1 (permalink) Sun Nov 12, 2006 9:06 am   Meaning of "hoarding may result"

"Once food supplies are regular enough to ensure survival, a woman becomes concerned with the security of the supply. Hoarding may result."

Is this saying that a woman may start to hoard food once she connects food with security? (I can hardly see the cause-and-effect relation in this.)
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Security #2 (permalink) Sun Nov 12, 2006 9:36 am   Security


I agree this is a little odd in its connections. I would suggest that here 'security' indicates reliability. Maybe, and it's stretching the meaning, she believes that the regular supply is too good to last and as a result to be on the safe side, she starts to hoard.

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Meaning of "hoarding may result" #3 (permalink) Sun Nov 12, 2006 9:53 am   Meaning of "hoarding may result"


To me, the cause-and-effect relationship is clear enough and security is the right word.
Why not?

Food flows became regular, but the woman (already) scared by the threat of starvation, very possibly would start making her OWN hoarding (not trusting the security of anyone-on-the-earth’s storages).
Perhaps, ANY woman who learnt the true strong starvation and saw its affect to her family.

You know, the women’ nature requires always to be sure in ‘food for tomorrow’.
Some of us (but not me :)) even have natural ability to accumulate vital food reserve in the body – in winter, in pregnancy, in anxiety (in the threat of the war, for example).

People who survived in strong starvation never become sure about food, you know.
Many of them do hoarding all the rest of their lives - this fear doesn’t leave them and remains (stays?) much stronger than conscious and any logic.
I knew a few old people who survived in Leningrad blockade… they continued hoarding bread – even under their mattresses… making their own, secure, hoards.
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Hoarding #4 (permalink) Sun Nov 12, 2006 10:39 am   Hoarding

Isn't hoarding a natural animal instinct? Even more so for those who have suffered privations, as Tamara explains, or when supplies are low or unreliable. The way people in general (want to) accumulate material possessions is another proof of this (often compulsive) need and greed for hoarding, as I see it.
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'without (a) trace' vs 'without traces' | What does this phrase mean: "all over"?
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