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TOEFL® Essay: Never, never give up

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In order for any work of art—whether film, literature, sculpture, or a song | Ok, this is my very first essay. Could you review it please?
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TOEFL Essay: Never, never give up #1 (permalink) Sun Mar 18, 2007 22:40 pm   TOEFL Essay: Never, never give up

The expression “Never, never give up” means keep trying and never stop working for your goals. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


Every successful person could say that for achievement a good result you must work hard and don’t give up your business in any case. I try to follow this advice and during all my life I have seen numerous examples confirm such position.

I agree with the saying of a Greek philosopher that the quantity goes into the quality anywhere. You could become a good businessman, sportsman or statesman if you choose your own way and never go away from it. A year ago I have started to attend the American corner in our city. During first three months there I didn’t understand anything, but I have continued to visit this conversation club and little by little my English level has picked up. Then I have started to improve English with any possible ways and I was given my first big hand during the report about samurai in the American corner last week. If I gave these attempts up I would never feel these exciting emotions.

Our life is a competition and only most persevering people could finish that competition with the good outcome. If you do even small step in the direction of your goal every day sooner or later you will achieve it. I read about one American student; unfortunately I forgot his name, who wanted to improve the governmental educational system. He had sent his prepositions to 350 places and only 351’st letter was successful. He had lived in the small car but some years after his first success he was awarded with the one of the biggest grants in the USA’s history.

Your first results in any business will be not so good but if you give up it you’ll make the big error. There is a great site, where I could publish my essays and communicate with English teachers and interesting people from the whole world. There is a man there. When I read his first essays I thought that they are bad. But he has continued to write three essays per day and after couple of week he achieved a great result. Now I read his compositions with pleasure.

I guess that everyone could achieve incredible goals. We must only continue our motion towards the aims overcoming any obstacles.


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TOEFL Essay: Never, never give up #2 (permalink) Wed Jan 18, 2012 18:22 pm   TOEFL Essay: Never, never give up

Everyone has its own goal as to provide the better future. People set their goal to make his / her life better and more cmfortble.Some people believe that people should achieve their goal at any cost and never give up while other assert that people should make goal and try their best to get their goal but must leave after some time. In my opinion, I prefer to say that keep trying to get our goal and never give up. The reasons and examples listed below strengthen my point of view.

To begin with, people have to work hard and keep practing to acheive the goal. They do not have to leave it. Sometime you tried but did not work hard whatever is required to achieve it. I am taking a example of Thomas edison who invented the electric bulb in his houndread attempt. Each and every time he failed but he never give up. He tried his hard to get the goal. After getting success in making the electric bulb, he said that in my each attempt i learnt alot. The invention of electric bulb is due to his hard work and incessant knowledge.

Furthermore, people do not have favorable condition so they think that they would not get their goal. People do not have to give up without making any wrong conclusion. Success comes to those who work hard to get it and it is possible due to our effort and hard work. For Instance, Wright brother and Hennery Ford are the person who provide us the new mean of transportation. So many scientist try to invent the airplane but nobody was successful to get it and they all give up aswell as Wright brother and Hennery Ford found their fault in each attempt and tried to fixed it and get the success. Now we can take lunch in paris and dinner in america within the same day. If they would not invented the airplane, we could still be have bull and cart as a mean of transportation.

Finally, People have to analysis the problem and start working on it before thinkng to leave it. I remember one story which was told me by my grand parents when i was in High school. It is - one king was defeated in war and he found shelter in cave to escape from his enemies. He saw one spider who was trying to build their web but the spider was success to build it in his 11th attempt. Sometime the spider sliped down from the wall and othertimes the spider was lacking in some material. The king looked it very carefully and make his plan and in his next attempt he won the war and get his kingdom but he did not give up.

In sum, Winners are not those who do get success in his one attempt but are those people who do not give up and made it with hard work and great effort. People have to work hard and get proper knowledge to achieve their target or goal.
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In order for any work of art—whether film, literature, sculpture, or a song | Ok, this is my very first essay. Could you review it please?
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