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Choose vs Select

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many a times vs many a time | Sentence: More than you think so?
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Choose vs Select #1 (permalink) Wed Apr 11, 2007 8:56 am   Choose vs Select

I often use sentences with choose (select). Can you explain the difference between them? Which is better to use in technical documentation?
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Choose vs Select #2 (permalink) Wed Apr 11, 2007 10:13 am   Choose vs Select

In common usage, both 'choose' and 'select' are often interchanged. Yet in some contexts, this isn't possible. For example, when 'choose' has the sense of 'decide': In the end they chose not to go to the beach.

Some say that one implies more thought than the other -- there seems to be a bit of disagreement on this. Also, 'choose' is more commonly used than 'select', which, in some contexts, might be slightly formal.
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Choose vs Select #3 (permalink) Mon Apr 27, 2009 15:19 pm   Choose vs Select

While they seem similar, choose and select are quite different. You choose a single item or person and you select multiple items or people.

When you have to pick one thing or person from a group, you are choosing. However when picking out things or people from that group, you are selecting those things or people.
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many a times vs many a time | Sentence: More than you think so?
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