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'I hope' vs 'I'm hoping'

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Expression: kiss at her cheek | Sentence formation
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'I hope' vs 'I'm hoping' #1 (permalink) Tue May 08, 2007 18:21 pm   'I hope' vs 'I'm hoping'

I was taught that we don't use certain verbs with the -ing ending... and yet, I've come across "I'm hoping" or "I've been hoping" for a number of times/any of times... (btw. which one of these two means "quite often" ?)

So, what's the difference between "I hope..." and "I'm hoping..." Could you provide me with any examples and a good explanation?

Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,
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'I hope' vs 'I'm hoping' #2 (permalink) Thu May 10, 2007 11:05 am   'I hope' vs 'I'm hoping'

The progressive form is commonly used to express the speaker's particular interest or concern in the statement-- this form highlights the 'nowness' and the 'activity' of the verb, and makes its impression more immediate.

'I hope we meet again' is more formal and less friendly than 'I'm hoping we can meet again'.

'I've been hoping' even further extends this active interest of the speaker-- it indicates the extent of the emotion: 'I've been hoping that I'd meet Jennifer Lopez someday-- and there she is!'
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Expression: kiss at her cheek | Sentence formation
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