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TOEFLŪ essay topic: Food from restaurant or home-cooked food

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TOEFLŪ essay: Parents are the best teachers | Is it a good score? -- 580 on TOEFLŪ PBT?
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TOEFL essay topic: Food from restaurant or home-cooked food #1 (permalink) Tue Jun 24, 2008 4:21 am   TOEFL essay topic: Food from restaurant or home-cooked food

Someone has said very truly that it’s the hunger of food, which can force anybody to go up to the highest extremes in life. Everybody has different choices for food. Personally I am not so particular about eating food from outside or home-cooked food. For me it all depends upon the situation, mood and time. Eating from outside and home cooked food, have their own associated pluses and minuses. Below I will try to account some of those facts, based upon which I would choose to eat at home or outside food.

i would like to start with, the benefits of eating food in restaurants. First of all, getting food from outside can help us in saving lot of time. Everything is already cooked and ready to go in the stomach. You just need to pick up that what you want to eat, and your work is done. This option is very helpful in United States's work culture, where people handle their studies and professional life both hand in hand. So this way, people can avoid exhausting themselves in cooking food after going home. I am myself also, working as a scientist in pharmaceutical industry and along with that side by side, I am doing studies to get the pharmacist licensure. So by eating outside, I can give a lot more time for my studies, and also I can avoid of over-killing myself. Secondly, by eating in different restaurant, you can enjoy varieties of food everyday. You have various different options, variety of cuisine to choose from. For example, being an Indian, I mostly cook Indian food at home. But outside have many more varieties, like Chinnese, Mexican, thai food, etc. So people will not get bored from same kind of food everyday. Furthermore, eating outside is another reason for me to just hang out with my friends and relax my mind from tiring and hectic schedule. Just think that you want to enjoy with your friends and vent out all of your tensions, rather than that you are killing yourself in cooking food for your friends at home, then what kind of relaxation are you getting from there? So I would prefer to go outside and try different foods with friends. Just another way to frick out all of my worries.

There are always two sides of a coin. So here I would like to mention about the other side of the same coin. Yes, the advantages of home-cooked food. The very obvious reason is, home-cooked food will be definitely much healthier than any outside food. Even if you get the food from any of the top-notch five star restaurant also, it can not be that healthier. Secondly, at times it’s always boring just to keep eating outside food. Nobody can survive, just on restaurant food for long time. Nobody will prefer to do that unless otherwise they have some big issue. For example, one of my friend came to visit New York City for 3-4 days. Every time they have to eat outside food. As such she is fond of eating. But at the last day, when they came to visit us, she had so much craving for home-cooked food. Furthermore, eating outside everyday is not good for your pocket too. The cooking at home, can save you with lots of money. Lastly but very important factor is, always there is so much hidden love and affection behind the home-cooked food. Just remind of food, your mother used to cook for you. Wasn’t that full of pure love and affection? That food is much tastier than any other cousin.

To sum up, I will say that as such both have their own advantage and disadvantages, and the beating point is your requirement, mood and situation. The most important is the satisfaction, you feel after eating that food, whether you got it from outside or it’s home-cooked.

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can somebody rate my essay #2 (permalink) Tue Jun 24, 2008 20:09 pm   can somebody rate my essay

can somebody kindly evaluate my essay. i need to know that how much i need to improve
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