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to cite; to state a price; to offer a price
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Meaning of "Cash flow problems"

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Expression 'Cash in hand' | Money spinner
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Meaning of "Cash flow problems" #1 (permalink) Wed Mar 31, 2004 10:31 am   Meaning of "Cash flow problems"

Test No. incompl/advan-12 "Money", question 4

At the moment we are experiencing some cash ......... problems because little money is coming in.

(a) fly
(b) stream
(c) flow
(d) run

Test No. incompl/advan-12 "Money", answer 4

At the moment we are experiencing some cash flow problems because little money is coming in.

Correct answer: (c) flow

Hi Alan! What is it - cash flow problems - does it mean 'recent problems'?
many thanks
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Cash flow problems #2 (permalink) Wed Mar 31, 2004 14:03 pm   Cash flow problems

Hi Pupil,

The cash flow is specific term defining measuring a company's financial health. It is the amount of money a company has on its free disposal.

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Meaning of "Cash flow problems" #3 (permalink) Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:13 pm   Meaning of "Cash flow problems"

cash flow (n) (C) (U)

1.The movement of money into and out of a business as goods are bought and sold
a healthy cash flow (= having enough money to make payments when necessary)
-Many companies fail through poor cash flow.
-cash-flow problems
2. The pattern of income and expenditures, as of a company or person, and the resulting availability of cash: The city improved its cash flow by borrowing against future revenues.
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Expression 'Cash in hand' | Money spinner
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