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Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone

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ESL Forum | Pimsleur Method
Difference between Michel Thomas and Pimsleur methods | Pimsleur approach any good?
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Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone #61 (permalink) Sun May 22, 2011 16:55 pm   Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone

Tried 2 online programs, Rosetta & Mango, not effective for my type of learning. Was not able to retain what I was taught.

My husband & I were planning our 25th anniversary trip & being we had no passports it would limit where we would go. To my surprise he wanted to travel outside the US, we wound up planning a trip to Mexico. I was scared to travel without knowing how to communicate with people, even though everyone told me not to worry. I didn't agree, I can't expect everyone to speak my language if I was traveling to theirs.

So I did some research & bought some books, and got some from the library with a beginner Pimsleur lesson. I found it very convenient to use. After I buzzed through the sample program with complete retention, I found that I was craving to learn more & got the complete lesson 1. I was not able to get through all 30 lessons before our trip, but I got pretty far into the course by the time we took the trip, even on the flight I was able to continue my lessons. After we returned I wanted to keep learning, almost like an addiction or habit in my life. I am amazed that after all these years I can learn something so complex as another language.

So I decided that I want to become fluent in spanish. I completed course 1 pretty quick after returning, and now am finished with course 2. Excited to start course 3 & now they have just established 4. When I'm done with 4, I am hopeful to return back to Mexico again, eager to communicate with everyone I can. But even if I don't I am happy to be able to understand & communicate with people here, it's fun to chat with others when I can.

On the trip we had taken, I received many compliments on my pronunciation & communication skills & was able to translate alot to my husband. Disappointed that I had not started these courses alot sooner.

As far as Rosetta, I tried a sample lesson, it was not as effective for my type of learning ability. So for me, this program would not work, same as the other program my library offers. Maybe for others but not for myself. I would recommend if in doubt, go online try the sample lessons & see which you walk away from with more fluency & retention, for me it's simple to say only Pimsleur.
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Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone #62 (permalink) Mon Jul 11, 2011 18:01 pm   Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone

Hi: First I want to give you my background in attempting to learn languages. I tried to learn French in a college course at night in 1984. I spent a lot of time and money and came out with nothing usable. Then I began an import company and went to China a lot. Tried numerous tape programs - nada. Didn't get past hello, goodbye, thank you and Mr and Mrs. So then my business led me to a cooperative effort with an Italian company. I bought the Pimsleur Method back in 1987 and learned a great deal of Italian quickly. To my surprise, I found I was more comfortable when traveling in Italy and as my friendships with Italian-speaking people grew, I found I was able to participate more and more in conversations. I changed business direction in 1990 and really wasn't around Italians much after that til 2006, when my husband and I went to Italy for a week. A month prior, I dragged out my old Pimsleur tapes and ended up converting for my iPod. I was surprised how quickly it all came back to me.

So I decided I should learn Spanish since I live in S. FL and we have a lot of Latin-speaking peoples here AND I got sick of the Hispanic staff at Winn Dixie speaking 'over me' and 'about me' right in front of me. I bought an expensive Rosetta Stone program (and no - Pimsleur Method programs aren't cheap either). Well, I got nowhere fast with the Rosetta program. It still sits on a shelf. AND I don't go to Winn Dixie anymore. Rude is rude, no matter what the language.

Now, I've decided it would be fun to try to learn French properly. Just saw a movie (Midnight in Paris) and while I understood a teensy bit, I wanted to understand it all. So I'm about to order the Pimsleur French program.

I can't say enough good things about Pimsleur. My husband is convinced he cannot learn a language, but I think if he'd TRY the Pimsleur, he'd be surprised at how well he does. If I get it for the iPod (iPhone) he will have it with him to try, at least. Me? I know I'll do well with it.
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Pimsleur v Rosetta Stone #63 (permalink) Tue Sep 20, 2011 23:31 pm   Pimsleur v Rosetta Stone

I have been doing Madarin & Spanish on Rosetta Stone through my job. Because I had Spanish 1 many years ago, I can understand what is happening in the RS without explanation of direct object and indirect objects ( lo, la and me, le). Without that knowledge RS would be much harder to follow. Plus there are cognates, words that sound similar in Eng. and Spanish. However, I fell in love with the RS Madarin course, but found it hard to follow after a while because I had no reference pt. I did check online for more info to supplement. That's how I found Pimsleur. I love it! There is conversation and very brief explanation. It's a call and repeat response approach that is so much fun. RS is fun too, and I have learned to read a lot of vocabulary, but Pimsleur is helping me to feel ready to speak. But it does seem to make more sense to focus on the auditory before you bring in writing! It drives me mad when I have the character part in the early levels of Mandarin. They could at least start with simple characters, but it's all a challenge really. I feel my brain expanding as I speak and type! LOL I say use both for their strengths depending on your needs.
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Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone #64 (permalink) Wed Oct 12, 2011 21:32 pm   Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone

Hey all,

I'm intrigued by the Plimseur method and am thinking of picking it up on Amazon. Does anyone know the difference between "Quick and Simple Japanese (3rd ed.)" and "Japanese, Basic: Learn to Speak and Understand Japanese with Pimsleur Language Programs". Are they two different things? And then there is "Conversational Japanese"...I'm assuming these would be the same for whichever language. Anybody got any advice for me?? Thanks!!
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Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone #65 (permalink) Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:03 am   Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone

@ crazydiamond8.... I can't speak to the japanese..however, I completed the Pimsleur spanish "quick and simple" just before a recent trip to cabo san lucas ..(very happy with the skillset achieved and I am a Rosetta owner also) I ordered the Pimsleur spanish basic upon my return, and what I found was that I was able to jump in about the 5th CD to put me where I was with the "quick and simple". as an overall commentary, I have the Rosetta Stone in spanish and french (never try and learn two languages at the same time...on a job interview in france I would answer french questions in no bueno!)..summary is..I think both are effective courses depending on what learning method fits your cognitive style. I am a musician (means I listen real good) as well as having a huge amount of travel time in my car..therefore the Pimsleur is more effective on a day to day basis as I just don't have the time to sit down at the 'puter with the stone when I do finally get home. .....anybody wanna buy some rosetta stone from me??
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Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone #66 (permalink) Tue Mar 13, 2012 21:50 pm   Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone

I found that the best way to learn is to combine. I can't say which programs are best and most cost effective, but i can say that to learn a language you have to submerge yourself into it. To help me learn spanish, I talked with my grandfather, who is american but self taught. So he was my teacher. But on top of that, i also tried out rosetta stone and Pimsleur. I prefer Pimsleur - as a naturally lazy person it is much more effective to listen than to use software on the computer. But i think that it depends on your circumstances and what you are trying to achieve. Then again, there are also other programs (Michel Thomas, for example - and that teaches you grammar rules. So if you are trying learn learn a language with less time on a basic level - Pimsleur. If you are going for vocab and understanding of text - Rosetta Stone. Personally, my fav combo is Pimsleur at first, add a little vocab from rosetta stone, then (this is what i did) Work with teacher (my grandfather) to practice speaking. I guess that michel Thomas could Sub as a teacher as well. I have heard that is a very interactive course.
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Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone #67 (permalink) Mon Mar 26, 2012 21:33 pm   Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone

I have just completed the 4th (Spanish Plus) of Pimsleur, and started in on Rosetta Stone as another resource. I find Pimsleur to be far more effective in getting you to the point where you can communicate and speak quickly. Pimsleur is better at getting you to speak by thinking and associating, not just repetition. Rosetta Stone does a far more effective job in marketing their product however - it's everywhere! TV, magazines, internet - but Pimsleur is better in my opinion. Now, hopefully after completing everything in Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone will be able to take me to the next level. I wish Pimsleur had a level 5,6 & 7 in Spanish. I would also say that Pimsleur is more difficult - you are taught a word/phrase, and then asked to say something using that word/phrase in conjunction with other words or perhaps the negation of a verb, or a tense of a different verb (but with a similar '-ar, or -er, or -ir ending) and you have to do it quickly, otherwise they will say the answer. Since Pimsleur is auditory, it's great while I'm in the car, or on a bus/plane, whatever (I move my lips but don't make a noise when I'm on the train. People think I'm talking into my cell phone, but not making any noise!). Rosetta stone does a good job of associating words with pictures, and with teaching spelling though. I'm going to continue with using Rosetta Stone as a secondary resource, but will also go back and re-listen to the Pimsleur audio.
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Pimsleur v Rosetta Stone #68 (permalink) Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:14 am   Pimsleur v Rosetta Stone

Pick Pimsleur every time. I am in my mid 40's and have never learned a second language. I need to for my trip over seas. I tried Rosetta Stone because a friend got it free from work. It was horrible. It's just pictures with the word spoken in the foreign language. I never knew what exactly I was saying or how to put anything together. I always had to have another translation program running to figure out what I was saying. It also never tells you the difference between inflection. The word 'a' may sound differently depending on how it is used. Rosetta never goes over that. It is just a picture and the foreign word. There is no english to relate what you are saying. A couple of the words wouldn't accept my pronunciation of them and let me advance. Then when I cursed at it, it accepted it and moved on. It is ridiculous.

I have gone through the introductory Pimsleur and am now looking at the next level. I have enjoyed it and it is great.
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Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone #69 (permalink) Tue May 15, 2012 19:24 pm   Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone

Hello Maouk I've been using American English Rosseta Stone and I think its an excellent way of learning a language ..its very easy to use
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

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