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Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone

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ESL Forums | Pimsleur Method
Difference between Michel Thomas and Pimsleur methods | Pimsleur approach any good?
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Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone #1 (permalink) Tue Jun 28, 2005 20:16 pm   Pimsleur Method vs Rosetta Stone

Dear sirs!
Please explain me:
What is better? Pimsleur course - expensive, but good or Rosetta stone software - expensive too, but it has writting and reading tools.
Many thanks
Pimsleur newbie

Pimsleur vs. Rosetta Stone #2 (permalink) Wed Jun 29, 2005 12:28 pm   Pimsleur vs. Rosetta Stone

Well, as you pointed out both Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur are language learning systems and to answer your question we should take a closer look at them. Pimsleur courses are based on listening only. This means you can learn a language anywhere - in your car, on the bus, in the waiting room of your dentist or while you are doing your housework. This approach can be quite effective because it tap into the potential of your subconscious mind.
Rosetta Stone is slightly different - it's a software program that uses interactive elements and pictures. Both systems are good and if you are keen on learning a language as fast as possible you might try Rosetta Stone in combination with Pimsleur.

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Pimsleur German comprehensive #3 (permalink) Tue Jul 05, 2005 23:23 pm   Pimsleur German comprehensive

I learned German with Pimsleur quick and simple and must say I was very impressed because I started from scratch and within a few days I had memorized basic phrases. The voices are pleasant and the dialogues are easy to understand. I had tried several courses before but most of them were quite boring. Now I think I'll get the Pimsleur German comprehensive course too.

My pimsleur story #4 (permalink) Wed Jul 06, 2005 11:22 am   My pimsleur story

Hi everybody! First off I must admit I'm a fan of Pimsleur. That is of the Pimsleur Approach of course. To illustrate let me tell my Pimsleur story: I had never been very fond of learning languages. In my job I didn't have contact with foreigners and when we went on holiday everybody spoke English. Then one day my boss announced that there will be a merger between our company and a company in Mexico. No big deal I thought - I'll keep my job and salary. Much to my surprise my boss also said that now we had to acquire 'a working knowledge of Spanish' because part of our management will be Spanish speaking and we will also have Spanish speaking clients. Well, we had Spanish speaking clients before that merger and some people in our company could handle them all right. As a matter of fact I was quite sure that our boss was playing just another of his practical jokes on me. However, not long after that conversation I received a memo that in essence said I had to learn Spanish if I were to keep my job. I went home and told my wife about had happened. She said she would ask around to find out what the best way of learning Spnaish might be. At that time my company also offered on site language tuition but the class required me to stay late two nights a week. On top of that I had to pay part of the training expenses. So one day my wife came home with that tape package. She said it were the best thing available and all I had to do was listen to those tapes in the car. Well, it probably took several weeks until I got around to stick one of the tapes in. And you know what? This Pimsleur thing works! First I would listen only for five minutes or so and then switch the radio back on. Then I pushed the tape in more often and extended my listening. Every time I picked up a new word or phrase and sometimes I would test it out with one of my Spanish speaking co-workers. They were surprised and asked me where I had learned Spanish. I told them about Pimsleur and they had never heard of it before. So I really think this is a great tool for people like me. I mean somebody who wants to learn a language from scratch fast and without a big time investment.
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Pimsleur courses #5 (permalink) Wed Jul 06, 2005 12:07 pm   Pimsleur courses

Pimsleurguy, thank you for sharing your story with us. Would you mind telling us what exactly is so special about those Pimsleur courses? How do they work?
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Pimsleur method #6 (permalink) Wed Jul 06, 2005 12:30 pm   Pimsleur method

to be honest I had the same questions. my wife was very resourceful because she has a lot of friends who have been using pimsleur. so for starters the pimsleur tapes contain only those words and phrases a native speaker would use on a daily basis. this means you don't have to learn any vocabulary that you don't need in your conversations.
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Pimsleur Methode vs Rosetta Stone #7 (permalink) Wed Jul 06, 2005 13:25 pm   Pimsleur Methode vs Rosetta Stone

There are lots of different audio language courses available. They all claim to be the best and teach you the vocabulary you need in your conversations. What is so special about those Pimsleur programs?

Pimsleur approach #8 (permalink) Wed Jul 06, 2005 15:59 pm   Pimsleur approach

The main difference between Pimsleur courses and conventional programs is the way the information is presented rather than the information itself. The Pimsleur method is based on two principles: Graduated Interval Recall and Principle of Antipipation. The former has to do with how your memory works as this is the most important aspect of learning a second language. Dr. Pimsleur found very effective ways of memorizing new vocabulary. That's why the Pimsleur programs reintroduce bits of information at specific intervals during the learning process to optimize retention until you have memorized the words and phrases entirely. There is more to Pimsleur though...

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Really Great #9 (permalink) Sun Jul 31, 2005 16:26 pm   Really Great

Hi my friends,from here I'd like to thank to Dr.Pimsleur as I'm using the software and that easily helped me a lot to learn languages as with a low cost rather than going to a course. Rosetta is like a vocabulary study so I guess both can be used for different aims.

Pimsleur Methode vs Rosetta Stone #10 (permalink) Fri Oct 14, 2005 18:15 pm   Pimsleur Methode vs Rosetta Stone

Anonymous wrote:
For example, Pimsleur makes me remember:
Je voudrais faire quelque chose., Je amerais faire quelque chose and et cetera. I can use it only by my memory without even knowing how it comes.

Which is exactly how we learned our first language. I doubt your parents tried first to teach you grammar and the rules of the language. Think about it, we usually only start learning to read our first language a few years after we learn to speak it. And in some parts of the world people speak very proficiently, yet due to inadequate schooling have never learned to read.

I can't comment on Pimsleur because I have only recently started their Japanese I course, but I do know that teaching from grammar and rules as they attempted to do at school was largely a waste of time. Things like refining your grammar should come after you have already inculcated the sound and feel of the language. Right now with the Japanese course I don't even care what the words are that they're teaching or whether they're ultimately useful words, I am rather letting my ear learn Japanese. Once I get a lock on that I'll be able to pick up even more just from watching some of my favourite Japanese movies - my ear will be able to deconstruct the language, instead of it sounding like a garbled stream of sound.

That said clearly some people find it easier to learn from the rules/theory side.

My French is very rusty so I can't comment authoritatively on the grammatical example given. My recollection is that the -ais part goes with Je and would be different for example with Vous and Nous. And Amerais is a completely different word to Voudrais. I could be totally wrong though, as it has been some years since I last used my French.

Rosetta stone vs pimsleur #11 (permalink) Tue Jan 03, 2006 19:53 pm   Rosetta stone vs pimsleur

i don't have really a direct comparison because i used the pimsleur tapes for beginner's mandarin and rosetta stone software for begginer's spanish but i think i made the correct choice for learning both languages.
i never really expect to fully learn mandarin, but i wanted to learn enough to enjoy my first visit to china. for that reason i chose pimsleur. i could listen to the native speakers in my car and memorize (rather tousitst-y) conversational chinese. i didn't have time to learn to read it or understand it fully, but i certainly learned a lot very quickly and i think i got the pronunciations allright too.

spanish on the otherhand i want to speak fluently. i want to learn to read, write and speak spanish like a native speaker so i got the rosetta stone software.
its really expensive, but you can often find it used online. i certainly don't think its worth the full price because its not quite as great as they make it seem. the voice recognition speaking part is more of a novelty than a real tool, but overall i think the software is excellent. its very entertaining and it is a lot like learning as though you were 4 years old and watching sesame street. i could describe it fully, but you can read about it on their website and look at full screenshots there.
the best part about the rosetta stone software is the typing test. you look at a picture, hear the sentence, and type it out. there are no pens and paper involved so its actually fun.
the worst part is its hard to remember where you left off, and i'm still not sure what the proper order to do the lessons are. there are too many options and no real instructions.

'Learning as we did as children' #12 (permalink) Wed Jun 20, 2007 18:24 pm   'Learning as we did as children'

This is just a thought on the subject of judging the validity of second language learning program by how closely it resembles the way we learned our first language as a child. True, it is ridiculous to teach a baby how to speak by teaching them the grammer and structure first. But, what we seem to forget is that an infant's brain is in a totally different state and most importantly- **It is not pre-wired with another language first!** We have brains that, for better or worse (probably worse when trying to learn a 2nd language) already have a first language. As you probably know, aquiring language as a child plays a HUGE role in the way the brain is structured and information is stored. For example, we don't remember things encoded to memory prior to aquiring language. Basically, I feel like there is something wrong with teaching an adult brain so strongly organized around a first language, the same way one would 'teach' a baby brain that a) has no first language to interfere etc. and b) is in what is probably a critical period for language aquisition.

I am a cognitive neuroscience, though my area is not second language aquisition- so im not certain about this. it just seems that given everything i know about the brain learning et.- it seems unlikley that we can pretend the adult brain learns language the same way it did as an infant. Learning a second language is very different than learning a first language. By the way, in cases of ferel children (not exposed to humans until later in life) they were NEVER able to aquire language- so when we talk about the babys way of learning language, we may be ignoring a critical period that we don't have the luxery of having for our second language as adults. That is not to say we can never learn a second language as adults- just that we may need to do it a different way then our first language.

Anyway, just a thought, I would like to hear any feedback. : )
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Pimsleur Methode vs Rosetta Stone #13 (permalink) Thu Sep 13, 2007 13:46 pm   Pimsleur Methode vs Rosetta Stone

Hi, I start to learn Dutch using Rosetta, learn French using Pimsleur today!
Rossetta is quite easy too follow, their execises repeat themselves many many times(until you are tired of them), but it has text and pictures, so easy to remember the vocabulary.
Pimsleur is very interesting, they give a convasation at first, what you totally have no idea what they are talking about, and in the end, it's so amazing that you find you can say it yourself. But sometimes I can't follow the english explanations, because my mother language is not English. whereas, it's a good way to practise my English~
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Yes, Pimsleur methot it works, but... #14 (permalink) Fri Oct 26, 2007 11:46 am   Yes, Pimsleur methot it works, but...

I m in along term, multicultural, and multilingual trip, the condition of my trip (I just walk) make me to face to face everyone from all the cultures, not only turist information centers and hotel receptionist, that they understand all pronunciations.
I had learn english by other methots, even I had been 2.5 years in a English speaking country, but I had a terrible Spanish, way to speak english.
I got one Farci Pimsleur audio staff, and in less that one month (during my walks)
I (learn?) Farci. Well local people even from rural areas they had the strong Idea that I speak Fasci perfectly and they jump into conversation. What is the problem? I only had some phrases, basic things, then locals get the idea that I speak well with some (good phrases) And then the communication get completely broken because I have no more resources.
As Torsten Said. They two methots are complementary, and for different porpoises.
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Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur #15 (permalink) Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:15 am   Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur

Hi everyone, I started to learn spanish from about two or three weeks now.
I am at the lesson 15 of Pimsleur course, I am happy with that method I could understand a lot of things (and can send some sentences to my mexican friend by msn), when I heard some spanish song few words I recognize and understand now.

The problem is that Pimsleur is just an audio method (it's a good method I use it like 4days /weel (lazyness sometimes or lack of time) but I am ready to suceed every lesson))
I really want to speak spanish fluently (oral and writings too) for my project to travel/work in south america (i am from france).
I am taking lesson on a kind of a club but it seems very slow...

I begin the rosetta stone method but i don't really understand how to use it in a efficiency way (there is no line to follow) could you explain me how to use it properly?
I hope that the both method could help me to increase my spanish skillz !

(In reading this section with experience of other people who learn a languages by pimsleur method i get very excited thanks you !)
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