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Usage and meaning of "Mish-mash"

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Usage and meaning of "Mish-mash" #1 (permalink) Sun Mar 22, 2009 18:48 pm   Usage and meaning of "Mish-mash"

I hear someone say in the mish -mash of a minute, day, I exist. I may have spelled the words mish mash wrong here. Could someone please tell me what does it mean by as I couldn't find these words in the dictionary. Thanks.
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a query! #2 (permalink) Sun Mar 22, 2009 19:27 pm   a query!

Mish-mash, usually means in a muddle, or a complete mix-up.

Don't know if this fits within the context on your question.
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at what secret cost? | on a waiting list vs. on the waiting list
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