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How to teach linguistics?

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How to teach linguistics? #1 (permalink) Thu May 07, 2009 16:57 pm   How to teach linguistics?

Dear friends,
How do you do?
Dear friends,what is the right way to teach Linguistics.I used to teach grammar,but I'm thinking of teaching linguistics.Therefore I want you to show me how.

with respect and honour
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How to teach linguistics? #2 (permalink) Thu May 07, 2009 19:27 pm   How to teach linguistics?

You've asked a rather broad question. Linguistics encompasses many different branches and fields, such as phonetics, syntax, morphology, pragmatics, phonology, and includes fields such as historical linguistics, applied linguistics, and sociolinguistics, just to name a few.

An instructor has to choose a particular field (or perhaps a couple of related fields), and specialize in it. You'll need to do a great deal of research and study, ideally through college educational courses.

What exactly is it you're wanting to teach? I wonder perhaps if you don't mean another word instead of 'linguistics', such as phonetics, or phonics.

If you mean you wish to teach pronunciation, then you're actually concerned with phonics, which is the method of teaching beginners to read and pronounce words by learning the phonetic values of letters, groups of letters, syllables, etc.

This isn't to be confused with phonetics, which is study and classification of spoken sounds in languages. Phonics is an application of phonetic research.

I think it's better if you clarify what exactly it is you'd like to teach, and perhaps we could then offer some suggestions.
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How to teach linguistics? #3 (permalink) Thu May 07, 2009 20:50 pm   How to teach linguistics?

I taught linguistics for several years, and I can't imagine how to explain to someone on a forum like this how linguistics is taught.

Hadeer, have you ever taken linguistics? Did you get any ideas on how to teach it from the linguistics classes that you took at your university? If you had good linguistics professors, I would think that modeling your instruction on theirs would be a good idea until you develop your own style.
Jamie (K)
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How to teach linguistics? #4 (permalink) Fri May 08, 2009 0:00 am   How to teach linguistics?

Well let's start with what shouldn't be taught:

The rounded, mushy vowels of the SoCal accent. I'll proudly wave the flag for northern Midwestern (US) straight/harsh vowel pronunciations -- at least they sound like the letters they represent on paper.

A -- ay (Spanish E)
E -- ee (Spanish I)
I -- I (Spanish ai)
O -- Oh (Spanish O)
oo -- oo (Spanish U)
ah -- ah (Spanish A)

A -- eh (no Spanish equivalent)
E -- ih (no Spanish equivalent)
I -- aw'ee (no Spanish equivalent)
O -- eh'oo (no Spanish equivalent)
oo -- eew (no Spanish equivalent)
ah -- aw (no Spanish equivalent)

It's as if they hate true vowels -- there are no true hard vowels in the list of SoCal vowel phonemes -- they swallow their vowels as badly as Southerners do (US South).

E is not a part of O!
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How to teach linguistics? #5 (permalink) Fri May 08, 2009 12:57 pm   How to teach linguistics?

Hello everybody,
Well, I think there is a misunderstanding here concerning my question about (how to teach linguistics), and it was me who to be blame on, because I should clarify the kind of references our student have in colleges .First let me explain something to you all. Here in Iraq, we have a lesson entitled “linguistics “it is either to be “linguistics and discourse analysis “or “linguistics and literature “or “linguistics and translation” etc...
I’m full aware about the branches of linguistics, and this is not my question. What I want to say is that, and let me give you an example: For instance, the book “teach yourself linguistics” by “Aitchison, this book we used to teach it to our student in Third Class University. Therefore, my question is how to reach this book and the like. I need to follow the correct way in teaching such books.
A waiting for your reply
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Joined: 17 Aug 2008
Posts: 81
Location: Iraq

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