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"its absolutely cold" vs "its absolutely freezing"

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meaning of "have a temper" | the verbs of perception
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"its absolutely cold" vs "its absolutely freezing" #1 (permalink) Tue Jul 21, 2009 21:06 pm   "its absolutely cold" vs "its absolutely freezing"

hi, i would like to know why

you cannot say "its absolutely cold" but you can say "its absolutely freezing"

and what the difference between "the room is too big" versus "the room is very big"

can you explain the gramatical structures for the sentences

thank you
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why cant you say #2 (permalink) Tue Jul 21, 2009 22:08 pm   why cant you say

Hello, Saj,

We can't say 'absolutely cold', because cold is relative and subjective. That is, there's no definite value that makes something cold, and the range of 'cold' covers a wide range of degrees.

However, 'freezing' is an absolute, or specific, value, i.e. 0 degrees Celsius/32 degrees Fahrenheit.

'The room is too big' means that the size of the room is excessive for your needs, and the extra space will actually create difficulties for you. It's so big that you need the room to be smaller.

'The room is very big', however, is just a comment or observation about the size of the room. You're simply commenting that it is indeed a large room. However, you're not stating that the size is a problem or anything, it's just an observation.
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meaning of "have a temper" | the verbs of perception
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