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Restrictive/Nonrestrictive clauses practice

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Restrictive/Nonrestrictive clauses practice #1 (permalink) Mon Dec 21, 2009 5:21 am   Restrictive/Nonrestrictive clauses practice

Practice instruction: Each sentence contains a clause beginning with who, which, or that. Underline the clause, and then set it off with commas, if necessary.

1. Jobs that are unusual can provide people with entertaining stories.
2. Lyle Baker, who lived in Vancouver, worked for the police department.
3. The department, which had several police dogs, trained the animals to find criminals.
4. Lyle, who was a student, acted as prey for the police dogs.
5. A piece of clothing that Lyle had worn would be shown to the dogs.
6. The job, which required quick reflexes, involved hiding from the animals.
7. Lyle, who was young and agile, would hide in the nearby woods.
8. Lyle's protective gear, which included a plastic bat and a padded leather armpiece, usually kept him safe.
9. One experience that left a scar on his leg occurred during the training.
10. A dog that found Lyle tried to pull him out of a tree.
11. Today, the scar, which appears on Lyle's ankle, is a souvenir from his summer job.
12. People who have scars usually have interesting stories to tell.

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Restrictive/Nonrestrictive clauses practice #2 (permalink) Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:55 am   Restrictive/Nonrestrictive clauses practice

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