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Differences Between Siblings

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Any feedback is appreciate. Thanks | TOEFLŪ essay: Intercultural marriage
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Differences Between Siblings #1 (permalink) Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:09 am   Differences Between Siblings

I am two years younger than my brother. We grew up together in the same family, but if somebody introduced us, he or she would wonder how we are so very different from each other.
I'll start from our childhood. He was a very important child. I remember once how he embarrassed my mother and I in a big store. He wanted to have a toy gun, but Mom didn't have extra money at that time. My brother began to cry so loud that everybody was looking at us. The next day my brother forgot about the toy, but I didn't. Two days later Dad wanted to buy us some ice cream, but I sad, "No, I'll take this money to buy the toy gun". My father bought the toy gun for me and the ice cream too. I wish to be smart, but we will see how life is sometimes surprising.
My brother got married when he was 15 y ears old. I am still single. He never liked to be a student. I'm a student right now. My brother likes traditional restaurants, and I like clubs, and bars. He looks like Pooh Bear, I am in good shape. He wears very casual, no colored clothes. I like to wear the newest designer clothes. He goes to the stadium to watch soccer, and I go to the theater and opera. On vacations he spends his time in the village, but I go to the beach. I am a professional dancer, but when my brother drinks at parties, he dances amazingly. Everyone wants to watch him. I graduated University as an Actor, but when he tells a story or an anecdote everybody pays attention, and remembers it. He is talented in many ways, and is an extraordinary person. But I got a green card as an extraordinary gift. He is like Mozart, and I am Saliery.
I will say we are absolutely different siblings from each other. Yes we are different in our world vision, but we like each other as we are. Hi really knows how to enjoy life, but I'm still an explorer. He is a very noble man. I love him. I miss him so much.
I suggest to you, that if you have brother, sister or a close friend, please take care of each other. This is our Golden Rule.


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Any feedback is appreciate. Thanks | TOEFLŪ essay: Intercultural marriage
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