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computer games disadvantages

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computer games disadvantages #1 (permalink) Fri Mar 19, 2010 23:46 pm   computer games disadvantages

Some people are under the assumption that playing with computer games is useful for children because it has advantages such as prevent going outside and learning bad things. Despite the fact that this is true, I completely disagree with the notion that computer games are useful for kids because the drawbacks of this idea certainly outnumber the benefits of playing this kind of games for them.
One of the main reasons that I am against playing computer games is that it inactivates children and increases health problem among them. Nowadays over weight and obesity is a significant threat for children because they are over nourished by their parents and are more inactive than before. For example, when I compare my older brother's weight, who is really addicted to computer games, to the other one, who does not play it at all and participates in outdoor activities and plays with his friends, I figure out that he is really fatter than my younger brother for his wrong habit.
A further considerable disadvantage of playing computer game is that it isolates children, and decreases their communication skills. Kids who play less with computers are more active and socialized, and they can find a lot of friends in their neighborhood who can play with them in parks. Also, it increases their ability to communicate with other people in the future. For example, they can find a better job because they have better performance in their job interview.
The last argument that can be presented against playing computer game is that it increases children violence, and these kids are more stressful than the others in their age group. For instance, I have a younger cosine that played computer games more than five hours in a day. Gradually, he showed some kind of ticks which doctor suggested that it is due to excessive stress for long hours playing with computer and banded computer for him, then after a while he cured totally.
In conclusion, as far as I am concerned, I think it is better to prohibit computer games for children because it is really harmful for them, and we should encourage them to find other interesting safe entertainment for themselves.

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experience is more useful than studying books | a summary
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