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Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)

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Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) #46 (permalink) Mon Dec 08, 2008 23:43 pm   Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)

I'm ridzan, from makassar a litle town in south sulawesi, indonesia, I'm mathematical student work as a teacher in yunior muslim high school, thanks for the mail that you send to me, i have been helped by it,
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Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) #47 (permalink) Tue Dec 09, 2008 13:06 pm   Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)

Dear Torsten,

Thank you very much for your new lesson.

I like your lesson and I appreciate your help to improve my English. I've just tried to answer the test (Finish vs.End). I've answered 9 questions out of 10 correctly.

Please check my sentences according to Unit 4 (possessive adjectives)
My name is Nandia. My husband's name is Zorig. His profession is engineer. We have one son. Our son's name is Thelmeg. His hobby is drawing. He's going to the elementary school. There are 15 children in his class. Their teacher is very kind and intelligent.
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

Joined: 25 Nov 2008
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Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) #48 (permalink) Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:03 am   Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)

I working a hill produce dealers shop. Their business is dealing black pepper, arecanut, rubber etc. Many farmers come to my shop for selling their produces.Hill produces, their availability in European countires is rare.So they come and buy these items from India.

best wishes,
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Joined: 28 Nov 2008
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Location: Perintalmanna, malappuram district, kerala, India

Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) #49 (permalink) Fri Dec 26, 2008 1:02 am   Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)

Hi torsten,
I think it's a good idea to start from the scratch. I've got some knowledge about english grammar, but these lessons will help me to have a solid foundation and the grip on the language
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

Joined: 08 Dec 2008
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Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) #50 (permalink) Wed Dec 31, 2008 3:35 am   Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)

hello torsten,
ok i'll doyour test, my full name is rhelyn hredia i am already married but no child. my husband nme is junrey he is cellphone technician..
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

Joined: 06 Dec 2008
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Location: Philippines

Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) #51 (permalink) Tue Jan 06, 2009 21:56 pm   Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)

Thank you dear Torsten for this lesson very much!
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

Joined: 14 Dec 2008
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Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) #52 (permalink) Thu Jan 08, 2009 15:00 pm   Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)

My name is Erick Diaz, I live with my mother and my brother, their names are Yolanda and Ary, respectively. Our house is not too big, but its backyard is very nice. Yesterday I told my brother "your car is out of fuel", but He didn`t listen to me and ended up going by his own feet to the gas station, my mother always have her car full of gas, that`s why that never happens to her.
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Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) #53 (permalink) Thu Jan 08, 2009 15:06 pm   Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)


Let me suggest:'ended up going on foot' and 'my mother always has a full tank.

English as a Second Language
You can read my ESL story Present Simple
Alan Townend

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Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) #54 (permalink) Tue Jan 13, 2009 14:50 pm   Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)

hi Mr. torsten can you give some example a little difficult one that can burst my energy.plssssssssss thanks and more power
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

Joined: 06 Dec 2008
Posts: 17
Location: Philippines

possessive adjectives #55 (permalink) Fri Jan 16, 2009 23:33 pm   possessive adjectives

Hello mr.Torsten

Thank you for your 4th lesson
My nickname is Alora and I work for an foreign company which produce a lot of chemicals - chlorine,propylene oxide,polyols etc.I'm an engineer.Owner is a man from Warsaw, Poland.My wife is chemist.We have two doughters.Our elder doughter goes in the Gymnasium.Shi likes play dance.Our minor doughter goes in primary school and shi likes paint.

I like your lessons and last test in 3th leson "Listen vs.Hear" I had next score:
-correct answers ......8
-incorrect answers ....2

best regards
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

Joined: 06 Dec 2008
Posts: 35
Location: Bosnia, Herzegovina

Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) #56 (permalink) Mon Jan 26, 2009 16:59 pm   Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)

Hello Torsten
My name is Thomas and I come from Switzerland. My english isn't realy good because I have just start to learn it. So i'm pretty glad that i found your website. It's fantastic and i hope i can improve my english eventually.
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Joined: 05 Jan 2009
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Location: Switzerland

Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) #57 (permalink) Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:14 am   Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)

hi Torsten
I got 8 of 10 correct.
would you send me courses twice a week.
thank you.
New Member

Joined: 05 Jan 2009
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Location: Morocco

hi torsten #58 (permalink) Thu Jan 29, 2009 12:14 pm   hi torsten

hi Torsten,

I'm srilaya, to whom you're teaching online for the past two weeks. nice meeting you, torston. firstly, I'm very thankful to u, for sending valuable material to improve my English language. I'm from Andhra Pradesh, India. my mother tongue is Telugu. I received my master degree in English from Sri Padmavati Mahila Vishavavidhyalam, (woman's University),Tirupati. I'm working as a junior content writer. my hobbies are reading fictions and enjoy the nature.

i have to inform you about my in habitation. up to, my graduation i studied in my mother tongue. after that i changed to English, because i love that language as my second language. but, i have that in habitation that i came from Telugu back ground and i can't properly take to the other people who knew better English than me. I'm searching for the right path to overcome that drawback, in that i found this forum.

today i found the way to meet you in the forum.I wrote the last test well. i wrote 8 correct out of 10. i am waiting for your next lesson.

have a happy weekend,
thank you very much,

with regards,
New Member

Joined: 21 Jan 2009
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Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) #59 (permalink) Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:42 am   Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)

:lol: hi my name is farid ahmad qudossi from kandahar afghanistan
i need some female students to learn me english because female students are more kinder than male students and tell me please how can i learn english easly
this is my email address please send me good ideas
New Member

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Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) #60 (permalink) Sun Feb 01, 2009 7:56 am   Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4)

hello everybody
I,m wasihun from ethiopia the land of multi ethinic group,love, I am lacky that i have a nice teacher Torsten.and i live in nazaret city which is 99 km from the capital addis abeba,and i,m doing my degree on pmgt at adama university.
how is it torsten!
thanks a lot
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