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MCAT Word List # MCAT/W1


Description of typically (adverb: more typically; most typically; less typically; least typically)
generally representative of something; usually

Samples of typically
Doctors are typically hard-working people.

Description of blastula (noun: no plural)
a ball of cells that surround a fluid-filled cavity

Samples of blastula
After the fertilized embryo divides it forms the blastula.

Description of hypochondriachal (adjective: more hypochondriachal; most hypochondriachal; the most hypochondriachal)
worrying excessively about having an illness when in fact there is none

Samples of hypochondriachal
Anxiety can make people more hypochondriachal.

Determination of hypochondriachal
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Description of triose sugar (noun: plural: trioses)
these sugars contain 3 carbon atoms

Samples of triose sugar
The sugar components of DNA and RNA (deoxyribose and ribose respectively) are triose sugars.

Determination of triose sugar
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Description of taste buds (noun: only plural)
clusters of receptor cells being used for the sense of taste

Samples of taste buds
Taste buds are located on the tongue and consist of fourty epithelial cells.

Description of biodiversity (noun: no plural)
the number and variety of organisms found within a specific area

Samples of biodiversity
A rainforest has huge biodiversity.

Determination of biodiversity
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Description of convection (noun: plural: convections)
heat transfer in a gas or liquid by the circulation of currents from one region to another

Samples of convection
During convection, heated portions of fluid rise from the source of heat, while colder portions sink.

Description of thymus (noun: no plural)
organ in the thorax involved in T-cell immune function

Samples of thymus
The thymus decreases in size over time.

Description of cohesive (adjective: more cohesive; most cohesive; less cohesive; least cohesive)
sticking together

Samples of cohesive
Water molecules are cohesive because of the hydrogen bonds it contains.

Description of contain (verb: contained; contained; containing)
to hold; to have within its structure

Samples of contain
The cell contains the cytoplasm and the cellular organelles.

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