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process of becoming varied; sale of a variety of products and services
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Definition: Worry or concern. Interest in and attention to (noun) . Showing concern. Taking and showing an interest in (verb).

Uses: He always makes sure that his clothes are neat and clean and that his hair is tidy as he takes great care (noun) in his appearance.

He goes through life as happy as can be as if he doesn't have a care (noun) in the world.

She always looks very serious and worries about everything as she seems to take the cares (noun) of the world on her shoulders.

He doesn't care (verb) what he looks like and goes out wearing the most unusual and ridiculous clothes.

She spends a lot of time choosing the right kind of make up and the right clothes for the occasion because she seriously cares (verb) about her appearance.

I honestly don't care (verb) what you think because I'm not going to take any notice of your opinion.

Variations: As a parent you always tell your children to be careful (pay attention) when they are crossing a busy road.

They don't waste their money in the slightest and always think twice about spending it as they are famous for being careful (cautious) with their money.

The police arrested him for careless (not thinking about) driving because he wasn't looking where he was going.

They are really looking forward to a carefree (without worries) holiday when the only thing they have to think about is how long to spend each day in the swimming pool.

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