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Newsletter December 29 - 2002FREE email English course
Dear Friend,

This is the last email I'm sending you this year and what do you think could be its topic?

Yes, you are right: 'Silvester' as you call it in Germany.

Over here, New Year is indelibly associated with partying and drinking. In Scotland they celebrate 'Hogmanay' - the Scottish equivalent to 'Slivester'.

These days the custom has grown in the city centres to have an outdoor party along the style of the London celebrations in Trafalgar Square. In Bristol, the city centre has a wonderful atmosphere as everyone looks forwards to a new beginning, and everyone is everyone else' friend.

We have laser displays and fast food outlets on the street, West Indian steel bands, rock bands - it's all very enjoyable.

For those who prefer to stay at home, often friends gather together for a celebratory meal (and a drink) and then countdown the last 10 seconds to the New Year.

In our street, all the neighbours go out on the road and grin and hug, and sometimes clatter pots and pans, anything which makes a noise.

It goes without saying that on New Year's there are very many sore heads, and sales of Alka Seltzer go through the roof...

Dear Friend,
How do you celebrate 'Silvester'? What is the secrect to a 'headache free' party?

Looking to hearing from you next year.

Yours sincerely
Sue Darville, Bristol

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