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PCAT Word List # PCAT/M14


Explanation of microscope (noun)
form plural: microscopes

an instrument used to magnify small objects so that they can be seen much better than with your eye

Sample of microscope
You can visualize parts of a cell with a microscope.

Explanation of immunization (noun)
form: no plural


Sample of immunization
Many people believe immunization may have serious side effects.
Measures to increase people's resistance to infection are also important in prevention, and it is in this context that immunization has played such a major role.

Explanation of contraceptive (noun)
form plural: contraceptives

device prevents pregnancy

Sample of contraceptive
The contraceptive pill was first used in the 1960's.

Explanation of magnetize (verb)
forms: magnetized; magnetized; magnetizing

to make an object attract iron or steel

Sample of magnetize
You can magnetize steel by rubbing it with a magnet.

Explanation of exocytosis (noun)
form: no plural

process where substances are ejected from a cell

Sample of exocytosis
Vesicles fuse with the cellular membrane and eject their content outside the cell by exocytosis.

Explanation of palpate (verb)
forms: palpated; palpated; palpating

to beat

Sample of palpate
His heart was palpating loudly in his chest.

Explanation of prophase (noun)
form plural: prophases

stage of the cell cycle where chromosomes line up to make pairs

Sample of prophase
In the human female, meiosis commences towards the end of the first trimester of fetal development and, with increasing gestational age, more and more cells enter the prophase stages of leptotene, zygotene and pachytene.

Explanation of autotrophic (adjective)
related to organisms converting sunlight into energy

Sample of autotrophic
Autotrophic organisms are plants that don't need an exogenous supply of organic nutrition.
Autotrophic organisms make their food from inorganic compounds, e.g. nitrogen.

Explanation of sprain (noun)
form plural: sprains

a ligament injury due to strain or excess stretching

Sample of sprain
'Don't worry! I didn't fracture anything. It's just a sprain!'
There was a nasty sprain which needed an X-ray, a query appendix for the surgical reg and a couple of cuts and other minor injuries which needed cleaning up and suturing.

Explanation of reflex action (noun)
form plural: reflex actions

a stereotyped and non-voluntary response that occurs in response to a stimulus

Sample of reflex action
Constriction of the pupil in response to light is a reflex action.

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