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TOEFL listening: What is the main difference between a fad and a trend?

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Now listen to a conversation.

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Now answer the following questions. You may use your notes to help you.

1). What is the main topic of the lecture?
(A) The characteristics of fads
(B) The difference between fads and trends
(C) The characteristics of trends
(D) How fads and trends affect our lives

2). How does the professor introduce fads?
(A) He gives a definition.
(B) He tells a personal story.
(C) He contrasts them with trends.
(D) He asks the class a question.

3). According to the professor, what is the main difference between a fad and a trend?
(A) The length of time that each one lasts
(B) How quickly an industry accepts them
(C) How well they cross over into other industries
(D) How much money people earn from them

Listen again to part of the passage and answer the following question.

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4). Why does the professor say this: "Yes, in the back."?
(A) He is introducing a new idea about trends and fads.
(B) He is telling a student there is something on the back of his or her shirt.
(C) He is recognizing a student who has raised a hand to ask a question.
(D) He wants students in the back of the room to quit talking and listen.

Listen again to part of the passage and answer the following question.

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5). What does the student mean when she says this: "They're all stupid."?
(A) She thinks the people who started these fads are not intelligent.
(B) She thinks people who participate in these fads are foolish.
(C) She wants the professor to discuss a more humorous topic.
(D) She thinks all of her classmates are dumb.

6). Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a fad?
(A) It has a definite beginning and ending.
(B) It can cross over into different industries.
(C) Large companies do not accept it right away.
(D) It usually has a short-term influence.

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50 TOEFL lectures
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