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TOEIC listening: A city council announces school closures

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TOEIC listening part IV, set 14, exercise 3
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1). What is the main purpose of the radio announcement?
To warn about a big snowstorm
To remind drivers of icy roadways
To inform people of schedule changes
To publicize the city's web site

2). What should students who take the bus do?
Get a ride with their parents
Wait at a special bus stop
Get to their bus stop early
Take the bus as usual

3). When will community colleges begin?
At the normal time
Two hours late
They have been cancelled
One hour late

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    610 TOEIC photographs   200 TOEIC question-responses
    200 TOEIC conversations   200 TOEIC short talks

    Listening Comprehension Transcript
    Clinton City has announced delays and closures for schools due to the big snowstorm this morning. All public elementary, middle and high schools will begin two hours late. Because of ice on the roads, buses will pick up children at their special snow-stop locations, instead of the regular bus stops. If you do not know where your child's snow bus stop is, call the district transportation office at 555-3343. Schools will end at the regular time, but all after-school activities today have been cancelled. Buses will deliver students to their snow-stop locations. All private elementary, middle and high schools have cancelled school today. Community colleges, as well as City University, will begin one hour late this morning. For updated information on the snowstorm, visit the city website at

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