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metal money; piece of stamped metal currency (as opposed to paper bills)
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TOEIC listening: Two colleagues talk about their current projects.

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610 TOEIC photographs   200 TOEIC question-responses
200 TOEIC conversations   200 TOEIC short talks
TOEIC listening part III, set 1, exercise 1
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1). Where is the conversation taking place?
In a church
In an office
In a classroom
In a park

2). What problem does the woman have?
She will be late for work.
She cannot make the meeting.
She is struggling with her presentation.
She worked late yesterday.

3). What does the man offer?
To help
To write her report
To get coffee
To make copies

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    610 TOEIC photographs   200 TOEIC question-responses
    200 TOEIC conversations   200 TOEIC short talks

    Listening Comprehension Transcript
    — Hi Selynn. What are you working on?
    — Oh hi Peter. I'm trying to finish my presentation for tomorrow's meeting. I'm way behind.
    — I worked late yesterday finishing mine. Is there anything I can do to help you?
    — Thanks, but not right now. I'll let you know if I need anything later.

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