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TOEIC Word List # TOEIC/W180


Description of enterprise (noun: plural: enterprises)
company; firm; undertaking; business; endeavor

Description of lever (noun: plural: levers)
a simple machine that gives a mechanical advantage when given a fulcrum

Description of trial (noun: plural: trials)
test; attempt; experiment; annoyance

Description of basis (noun: no plural)
foundation; grounding

Description of plumber (noun: plural: plumbers)
person who works with pipe and water systems

Description of setup (noun: plural: setups)
arrangement; structure; organization; hoax; configuration of hardware or software (Computers)

Description of practice (noun: plural: practices)
customary action; habit; drill; training exercise

Description of immediate (adjective)
instantaneous; prompt; direct; close

Description of trade (noun: plural: trades)
business; commerce; barter; occupation

Description of dedication (noun: plural: dedications)
setting apart; devotion; inscription (in a book, poem, etc.)

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