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Meaning of anorexia nervosa, dualism, fixation, narcolepsy, forensic, altruism, attachment...

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What does anorexia nervosa mean?
Meaning of anorexia nervosa (noun)
an eating disorder characterized by excess control of eating

Example of anorexia nervosa
Sufferers of anorexia nervosa try to limit or reduce their weight by excessive dieting, exercising, vomiting, purging and use of diuretics.

What does anorexia nervosa mean?

anorexia nervosa meaning

What does dualism mean?
Meaning of dualism (noun)
the metaphysical doctrine that there are two substances, i.e., distinct and independent types of being, one material and the other spiritual

Example of dualism
Those who believe in dualism are fond of a belief in immortality: If there is another type of reality besides the body, this non-body can survive death.

What does dualism mean?

dualism meaning

What does fixation mean?
Meaning of fixation (noun)
the state of thinking about a person or subject to an extreme degree

Example of fixation
My fixation on retirement affected my performance negatively. Her fixation on making more money proved to be the cause of her corruption.

What does fixation mean?

fixation meaning

What does narcolepsy mean?
Meaning of narcolepsy (noun)
a disorder causing people to fall asleep in unusual times like while driving or eating

Example of narcolepsy
People suffering from narcolepsy cannot possiblywork for a company because of their unpredictable performance.

What does narcolepsy mean?

narcolepsy meaning

What does forensic mean?
Meaning of forensic (adjective)
relating to scientific methods of dealing with crime

Example of forensic
Having a keen interest in law and crime, I would like to work in a forensic laboratory when I graduate from the Faculty of Medicine.

What does forensic mean?

forensic meaning

What does altruism mean?
Meaning of altruism (noun)
selfless concern for the happiness and welfare of other people

Example of altruism
In today's highly individual and selfish world, it is rather difficult to come across examples of altruism.

What does altruism mean?

altruism meaning

What does attachment mean?
Meaning of attachment (noun)
an emotional tie between two people

Example of attachment
The strong attachment between the baby and the mother helps the mother overcome the fatigue she has to endure.

What does attachment mean?

attachment meaning

What does trait mean?
Meaning of trait (noun)
a quality, either positive or negative, in someone's personality

Example of trait
Each job requires certain personality traits. The trait most needed to be a good pilot is calmness.

What does trait mean?

trait meaning

What does incentive mean?
Meaning of incentive (noun)
something that can be used to encourage a person to act in a certain way

Example of incentive
The teacher should provide incentives for the students to do their assignments.

What does incentive mean?

incentive meaning

What does egocentric mean?
Meaning of egocentric (adjective)
interested only in oneself

Example of egocentric
She divorced his husband as he was extremely egocentric.
Babies are profoundly egocentric in that they are unable to view themselves as having an identity which is separate and distinct from the world which they are aware of through their senses.

What does egocentric mean?

egocentric meaning


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