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Business Idea: Restaurant and Pub Guide
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Selecting the right domains of course is closely connected to selecting a topic, a purpose for your business. As we mentioned before, there is plenty of room for internet start-ups because this medium is still in its growing phase.

You haven''t found the right business idea yet? Here is another proposal to inspire you:

A Restaurant and Pub Guide

So what, you might say, there are already so many of them, why should I start yet another? Well, you will hardly find any product or service that doesn''t already exist. As you remember — creativity is the combination of existing elements in a new way. If you take a closer look at the restarant and pub guides on the market you will see that most of them are published and updated once a year. Now, do you know how often a restaurant and even more so a pub alters its outlook or the food and drinks they offer? In this industry there is probably more change than in any other. That''s why traditional restaurant guides that come out in the printed form cannot keep up with current trends. Also, a printed version of a restaurant and pub guide is very limited as to the type of information it can provide.

Usually it''s just the address, the name and type of food. So, here is what you can do: Collect insider information on the various restaurants, pubs, diners, bars, caf?s and fast food joints in your area and arrange it in such a way that it is useful for somebody looking for the right place to go to. Now, where would you find this type of information? Well, you are your best source of course. You could make it a habit visiting restaurants and pubs and writing down what you think about the atmosphere, the service, the music, the interior and of course the food and drinks. By writing the first few of reviews you will develop an awareness of the things to focus on and every time you enter a new place. The next step is to talk about your experiences with your friends and family and engage them in an active participation in your project. Give them your reviews to read and some of your friends will want to write down what they have experienced.

As soon as you have collected the first reviews you can arrange them into categories (for example: restaurants, pubs, bars, fast food outlets) and add some information such as what kind of cultural and sporting events are taking place in your city or area, what sights are worth visiting and so on. Onc you have written down your initial ideas, you will get new impulses and very soon your project is starting to take shape. It is vital as this point that you find as many resources for input as possible. Make a list of things you want to add to your guide. Take a notebook with you whenever you are in town and jot down every bit of information you consider useful. Before you can go online you need sufficient materials to feed your website with. The more ideas, the better. You can always select, re-arrange, edit and change the information as long as you have a sufficient supply of it.

You can download the e-book here:
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Author: Torsten Daerr & Alan Townend

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