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E-Business Book: Isn''t it All About Google?

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Isn''t it All About Google?
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How to make People find Your Site

Yes, the internet is a great medium and your site can attract thousands of people every day. However, many website owners think that internet marketing and promotion work entirely differently from traditional channels. That''s wrong. Although the internet can be a very effective marketing tool it doesn''t change one important fact: All your activities in your internet business should be aimed at people — not search engines, directories, websites and blogs. After all, it''s people who decide whether or not you deserve to earn a reward for your efforts. That''s why there is only one single marketing and promotion vehicle that works in the long run: Your website users.

It is they who will determine the success of your internet business so you should make sure you know what they want. Online Marketing is a bit a like a sandglass: When your site is new and nobody knows about it you need such traffic resources like search engines, web directories, link partners, newsletter marketing, offline promotion and other elements. As your website''s popularity grows those marketing tools will diminish in their importance because people who know and like your website and will return to it on a regular basis and they will spread the word and tell their friends about your site.

They will use various means of communication such as email. Yet, the most powerful promotion your website can get is when users mention your business to friends in personal conversations. Think about websites like Google, Amazon, CNN, eBay, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft or ICQ. People promote these addresses through word of mouth much more effectively than any search engine ever could. This latter type of promotion is often referred to as «virtual marketing» — the most powerful tool to increase exposure. But back to our sandglass. We are still at the beginning of our marketing campaign and therefore must focus on these strategies:

  • Search Engines and Directories
  • Newsletter Promotion
  • Linking Partners
  • Forum Participation

SEO — How to get listed at Search Engines and Directories
When you start promoting your site search engines and web directories are probably the most important element. As the web search market is constantly changing we will focus on the following search engines and directories as they have proved to be effective to us:

  • Google.com
  • About.com
  • DMOZ.org
  • MSN.com

Before you submit your new website to any of the search engines or directories you have to take a number of important steps — these steps are called «Search Engine Optimization» (SEO). You can measure the significance of SEO by typing in this term into your favourite search engine — you will get an amazing number of search results.

Optimize Your Site for Google
With currently Google being the major source of new traffic to our website our SEO section will mainly feature this search engine. As of now we are ranking within the top Google search results for the following search strings:

  • «free english test»
  • «free english test»
  • «english test download»
  • «english tests download»
  • «toefl download»
  • «english test online»
  • «english tests online»
  • «interactive english test»
  • «interactive english tests»
  • «printable english tests»
  • «toeic online»
  • «passive voice»
  • «indirect speech»
  • «popular idioms»
  • «colour idioms»
  • «free english forum»

In addition people find our site through Google using more than 2500 different search strings such as «netlog«, «newsreaders on cnn», «english prepositions», «british vs american english» etc. Every time we add a new page to our website Google indexes all relevant keywords and returns those pages of our website on a search.

So, the biggest portions of new users to our site are attracted by our four top search strings — «free english test», «free english tests», «download english test» and «download english tests». Let''s take a look at one of the factors that got our site ranked so high on these search strings:

Keywords in the URL
Our URL contains the same two words our main search string is made of: «english» and «test». What''s more — both words are separated by a hyphen (or «dash») so that the URL is an exact match of the search string. Instead of «englishtest» most people look for «english test». Google assumes that once a website is hosted on a domain called «english-test» the relevance to the search term «english test» and «english tests» is very high.

You can download the e-book here:
Free Internet Marketing e-Book

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please post them on this English Grammar Forum.

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Author: Torsten Daerr & Alan Townend

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