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smoothly; continuously; inconspicuously
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E-Business Book: A Word on Success...

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A Word on Success...
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So, what''s your opinion now? Would you have imagined that it could be that hard to become a success? Or maybe you possess the above mentioned qualities already? In that case you can achieve all your goals. For those of you who still need more training in one or two of the success factors — don''t worry. You should remember that nobody is born with all these qualities, they have to be developed over the years and even the most successful entrepreneurs have their weaknesses. Remember too, that you can pick just one quality out of the above list and start working on it instead of trying to improve your entire personality. Set realistic goals for yourself. All these qualities are interconnected so by increasing your self-discipline for example, you will be able to unleash more of your creative potential which will then result in more people recognizing and admiring you. This will boost your self-esteem and give you more energy to work on your project. Improving one particular character quality can create a cycle that enhances your overall performance and enables you to accomplish what you want. You don''t have to wait until you are the «perfect personality» — you are already moving ahead using your own initiative. Reading this book is a good first step on the right track. Many people confuse success with material riches — an expensive car, a big house, jewellery and lots of other things. Real success however, is not just only the result of an activity but the activity itself. Success is the progressive realization of a goal so you can be successful right now by absorbing valuable information and acting on it.

You are probably starting this business not only for yourself but for your family or if you are in a relationship with someone — your spouse for example. It is therefore vital that you involve your partner in your endeavours. Building your own internet company means taking on more responsibility and changing some of your habits. You will have to spend time working on your project and this of course will affect your partner''s life too. Relationships constantly grow and develop through different stages in life and starting your own business can be a challenge that can strengthen and foster them.

However, it is important that you prepare for the moment when you deliver the news. Establishing your own business is a serious decision which you should make together. How would you react if your partner came home one night announcing «Hey, we''re going to open our own company.» It''s much better to involve your partner right from the start, that is even in the decision-making process. Instead of confronting your partner with your decisions, it is better to talk to them about the future and as you explain your plans, ask for their ideas and proposals.

Take it step by step, talk about this issue often and listen very carefully to their opinion. Remember that you can only start a business if you have their full support. After all, personal relationships are more important than your company or business plans. So, take it slowly, give them all the time they need to absorb the new information you are presenting and let them adapt to the new situation. Do not rush things by expecting or demanding immediate acceptance.

Also, it''s probably good if you first draw up a business plan and collect enough information to back up your proposals.

This will help any decision making processes, be ready with answers to any questions or even objections. . Introduce small bits of information — do not try to show how smart you are. Your partner will be a very good listener if you give them the chance to follow your ideas and digest the information.

To sum it up:
  • Make sure you understand your partner''s goals, ideas and dreams.
  • Involve your partner in your decisions right from the start but do it in a subtle way using the step-by-step method rather than overwhelming them with all the information at once — wait for their reaction before you move on to next step.
  • Listen to your partner''s opinion on your suggestions and take them into account.
  • Remember that your partner and your relationship should be more important than your business plans.
  • Make sure you design a business plan that provides room for personal development for both of you so your enterprise can foster and strengthen your relationship rather than weaken it.

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Author: Torsten Daerr & Alan Townend

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