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E-Business Book: Success Patterns

Why establish a Business on the Internet?
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Success Patterns
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Isn''t it All About Google?
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When it comes to establishing success patterns one company stands out: Google — The story of Sergey Brin and Larry Page''s media giant can be taken as a role model and example for any budding internet entrepreneur because you will find all the essential ingredients for your own internet success. You don''t need to reach the same level of popularity, exposure and size like Google. There will be enough room for your internet business to thrive and prosper. We''ll give an introduction to Google because the more thoroughly you study their methods, the higher are your chances of success. Therefore we will refer to Google often in this book especially in the chapters «Search Engine Optimazation» and «Generating Revenue Through Adsense».

«The Two Search Giants from California»

Google concentrates on its users following the principle «value over profit». Interestingly enough Sergey Brin and Larry Page were inspired and encouraged by two other successful entrepreneurs: Jerry Yang and David Filo — both co-founders of Yahoo! Inc. All four of them are graduates of Stanford University, Carlifornia the place where they met and became acquainted. Today however, Yahoo! and Google are competitors in the web search industry with Google having the edge over Yahoo! in a number of disciplines. When Yahoo! was already well established as the most widely used web search directory Google developed a system that produced better search results:

You probably remember the time when you typed in a search word or string and the results that Yahoo! returned where often not exactly what you had expected. You had to sift trough a long list of webpages that didn''t always contain the information you were looking for and you got frustrated because you were wasting your valuable time. Yahoo! used to employ human editors who analyzed and indexed webpages according to their relevance. While this approach is user oriented and turned out to be very successful in the beginning, their system soon reached a point where they simply couldn''t keep up with the rapid growth of the number of webpages available on the web. When you submitted your website to the Yahoo! editors for evaluation and indexing it would take up to half a year until your pages got listed.

Cutting-edge Technology
Brin and Page analyzed the shortcomings of their counterparts'' directory Yahoo! and created their own web search service now known as Google: They developed a unique system that not only indexes and organizes webpages but in addition evaluates a webpage''s relevance and importance. Google''s technology is based on hypertext-matching analysis, this means unlike conventional search engines Google''s algorithm analyzes all the content on each web page and factors in fonts, subdivisions, and the precise positions of all terms on the page. In addition it analyzes the content of neighbouring web pages. We will elaborate on Google''s technology in the SEO chapter of this book.

Google has created a series of brands — unique products that are very distinctive and therefore have a great recognition factor. Take the company''s name: At first glance the word doesn''t seem to make any sense and you might think it was the result of the founders'' fantasy. If you take a closer look, however, you will find that there is the word ''googol'' which had been coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of the American mathematician Edward Kasner. «Googol» is pronounced in much the same way as «Google» and it constitutes the figure 1 followed by 100 zeroes equal to 10100. So, Google''s founders chose the name for a reason — it reflects their goal to become the world''s largest search engine. They had to change the word Googol slightly in order to register it as a trademark and promote it as their own brand name. Brand name and trademark issues get more important as your company''s popularity increases. Google is constantly adding brands to their portfolio as does any company of this size. There are more aspects to the branding question as well as the selection of the proper name for your website and company and we''ll go into them in greater detail in the «Domain Name Registration« section.

International Approach
As you can reach people of any nationality with your website you should design a strategy relecting this. Again, you don''t have to take it to the extent Google does but it''s very useful to learn from them. Here are the 7 most widely used languages to access Google: (in descending order)

English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian. In addition, Google is available in almost every language that is spoken by a significant number of internet users.

You can emulate Google''s international approach especially when you are providing valuable content — interesting and fresh information on the subject you know best. You don''t have to run a multiple-language site to cater for an international audience. Especially at the developing stage of your venture it''s sufficient to stick to one language. English is probably the best choice as it is used in almost every country in the world. You will find details on how to incorporate cultural diversity further on in our book.


Any company is the result of one person''s idea. this person has identified a specific need that has not yet been detected and consequently is not yet being satisfied. In order to satisfy this specific need you must create an appropriate product (this can be any item, system or information that caters for exactly this need). In addition you have to identify another development that is taking place and link both — the unsatisfied need or problem and the ongoing development together and combine them in such a way that something new emerges. In the case of Fred Kelly''s company the unsatisfied need was one single market place where the many different quitsmoking products were arranged together with information for the growing quitsmoking community. The second development was the growing popularity and usability of the internet. If you go back and read the section about google again you will be able to detect their two main ingredients of success.

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Author: Torsten Daerr & Alan Townend

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