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strained; taut; rigid; nervous; stressful
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What do I have to do?
Together with us you will be creating new interactive tests such as these: GMAT vocabulary tests
TOEFL vocabulary tests
or here:
MCAT vocabulary tests

Your job is to make a «source file» that contains vocabulary words and short definitions — similar to a simple dictionary. Below you will see part of a word list that contains adjectives describing emotions and moods. This word list has been submitted by Lara Duke:

stunned [more stunned; most stunned; less stunned; least stunned]
adj. surprised; astounded; amazed; knocked out
The young author was stunned by the unexpected success of her first novel.

incredulous [more incredulous; most incredulous; less incredulous; least incredulous]
adj. unbelieving; unconvinced; sceptical; doubting
My boss was incredulous as he listened to my unusual story.

amazed [more amazed; most amazed; less amazed; least amazed] adj. bewildering; extraordinary; miraculous; striking
The minister was amazed by the large crowd of journalists gathered outside his office.

confused [more confused; most confused; less confused; least confused]
adj. disorientated; mixed up; perplexed; puzzled
He was so confused after receiving the letter from his girlfriend that he just didn''t know what to do.

frustrated [more frustrated; most frustrated; less frustrated; least frustrated]
adj. annoyed; disappointed; defeated, discouraged
Peter felt thoroughly frustrated after several unsuccessful attempts to fix his computer.

disoriented [more disoriented; most disoriented; less disoriented; least disoriented]
adj. confused; lost; unsettled; bewildered
I feel a little disoriented when I arrived home after two months of constant travel.

mixed up [more mixed up; most mixed up; less mixed up; least mixed up]
adj. confused; muddled; unsettled; uncertain
Simon spent so long considering the problem that in the end he felt more mixed up than before.

disconcerted [more disconcerted; most disconcerted; less disconcerted; least disconcerted]
adj. confused; ashamed; uncomfortable; uncertain
Her lack of preparation for the meeting made her feel very disconcerted as she entered the room.

ill at ease [more ill at ease; most ill at ease; less ill at ease; least ill at ease]
adj. apprehensive; edgy; uncomfortable; uneasy
Jane''s fear of flying made her feel very ill at ease when boarding the aeroplane.

nervous [more nervous; most nervous; less nervous; least nervous]
adj. apprehensive; agitated; shaky; fearful
Even though the singer had performed hundreds of concerts, he always felt nervous before going on stage.

restless [more restless; most restless; less restless; least restless]
adj. anxious; agitated; edgy; fidgety
I was waiting for an important phone call and was so restless I couldn''t concentrate on my work.

worried [more worried; most worried; less worried; least worried]
adj. afraid; apprehensive; nervous; uneasy
When Emma still wasn''t home at midnight, her husband began to feel more and more worried.

As you can see, the structure of the entries is very simple. In the first line there is the vocabulary word itself, in the second line there is the explanation of the vocabulary word and in the third line there is a sample sentence containing the featured word. The second line starts with an abbreviation indicating the word type (part of speech) of the vocabulary word. Here is a list of the abbreviations we use for the word types:
n. noun
v. verb
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
prep. preposition
abbr. abbreviation
conj. conjunction

How do I find vocabulary words?
Basically, there are two types of vocabulary tests:

If you have any English grammar or vocabulary questions,
please post them on this English Grammar Forum.

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