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to make changes in order to improve something; to edit; to correct
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I live outside of Europe. Can I still participate in your program?
Of course you can work with us from any point in the world where you have access to the Internet.

How and when do I get paid?
As soon as we have approved your source file, you get paid $15 per 100 word entries. You can receive your payment either via PayPal or bank transfer (if you have a current account in a German bank).

How do I receive money through PayPal?
If you have an active PayPal account you can receive money from us via PayPal. Here is how it works: When we send you money using PayPal, you''ll receive a «You''ve Got Cash!» email notification. If you have a bank account added to your PayPal account, the funds will be instantly credited to your account balance. If you don''t have a bank account, you will need to manually accept each payment you receive.

How do I set up a PayPal account?
It takes about 10 minutes for you to open a PayPal account for free:
Just click the «Sign Up button» at the top of the PayPal home page at After you fill out the registration form, PayPal will send you an email to confirm that you receive messages at that email address. Once you confirm your email address, your account is activated.

I live in Europe. Can you calculate my payments in EURO?
Of course. We reference $US on our job description pages because at this point our primary source of income is Adsense which is calculated in paid out in US American Dollars.

I neither have a PayPal account nor a German bank account, can I still participate in your program?
At this point we can only offer the two payment methods above. Have you got a friend or family member who holds a PayPal account? Maybe, you can receive payment through them?

What exactly is a «residual income»?
When you work with us, your income will consists of two parts: First you receive a fixed amount of money for each wordlist you compose. In addition you will also be paid part of the revenue your pages generate. This is called a «residual income» because you will be earning money for at least 12 months after you have finished your job. It''s similar to creating a tool or a system that yields a continuing stream of revenue once it is up and running. So, the advantages of a residual income over a conventional job are:

  • you can work at your own pace
  • you create a tool that generates a lasting income for you
  • you decide when to work and how much
  • you can work from home or any other place
  • you are paid for your output rather than your input

The concept of a residual income might be new to you so it''s probably worth giving it some thought. If you have any questions you can always contact us.

If I create a wordlist related to a specific topic there might be words in my source file that appear on other tests, too. How do I know which words haven''t been covered before?
It is perfectly OK if some of the words in your source file are featured in other tests as well. After all, our tests contain English vocabulary words and each word can have many different meanings depending on the particular context they are used in. Here is an example for the word «host« which can have the following meanings:

  • person who receives guests (general English)
  • computer which acts as a server for other computers (IT)
  • living creature on which a parasite lives (medicine)

Is it possible to add more entries to my source file at a later point in time?
Generally yes. However, your second batch of vocabulary words should contain at least 100 entries because changing the source file requires a substantial amount of technical efforts and time.

What program do I have to use to create the source file?
You can use any text editor.

Do I have to answer vocabulary questions on your forum?
Every test that is generated from your source file will be linked directly to our forum where users can post vocabulary and grammar questions. If you like you can answer those questions yourself and leave this job to us.

If you have any English grammar or vocabulary questions,
please post them on this English Grammar Forum.

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