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Business English Exercises

Entrepreneurial Behavior

Test based on Internet resources

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The term 'entrepreneur' was introduced to economics by Richard Cantillon in 1755; since then, entrepreneurship and its central ........., the entrepreneur, have been the focus of numerous studies, including the qualities of entrepreneurial behavior, and corporate entrepreneurship.

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Recently, a new stream of literature has formed ......... strategic entrepreneurship (Hitt et al. 2002a; Meyer and Heppard).

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This new area of research is different from what has been traditionally ......... as strategic management research.

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Instead of focusing on the ......... that can be used to sustain competitive advantage (i.e., existing market position), strategic entrepreneurship is about recognizing and taking advantage of new profit opportunities.

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A firm that manages for strategic flexibility and constant renewal is able to ......... above-average profits and thus is rewarded for its entrepreneurial behavior.

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The return to entrepreneurial behavior is entrepreneurial rent, and unlike most factor costs, entrepreneurial rents are noncontractible; this is because the entrepreneur ......... judgments to allocate resources in an uncertain environment.

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Because the judgments are framed in an uncertain environment, the judgments themselves are uncertain and are thus ex ......... noncontractible.

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Because entrepreneurship is not as ......... as other factors, the analysis of payments to entrepreneurial behavior is complex.

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The aim of Ross and Westgren's paper is to include entrepreneurship in a model of the firm while reducing this dimensionality to two categories, arbitrage and innovation; they highlight what the entrepreneur receives for these activities and what governs their ......... from the stream of profits.

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Following this model, entrepreneurial rents are then ......... calculated for a three-site hog production farm.

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