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English Grammar Exercises

Legend of Paul Bunyan

ESL test for advanced level students

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A story that is partly true, but mostly ......... is called a "tall tale." The adventures of American lumberjack Paul Bunyan is one of those tall tales. He was born in Bemidji, Minnesota.

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Every part of Paul's existence and ......... was "larger than life."In fact,aa child, he grew so rapidly, Paul could wear his father's clothes when he was only one year old.

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As he continued to grow, his mother used wagon wheels for buttons on his shirts. No bed could ......... his size, so Paul contentedly slept outdoors, under the stars.

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In one of the coldest winters on record, he found a baby ox in the snow. The ......... conditions had turned the ox so blue, that even after he was thawed out, the color never changed.

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Paul named the ox, "Babe" and they were constant companions. Babe had such a ......... appetite; he could eat 30 bales of hay, with the wire still on them.

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Paul and Babe were a great team; no obstacle was too big for them to tackle. In fact, when settlers complained about a ......... crooked road, Paul hitched Babe to a yoke and straightened it out.

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Loggers liked to wear their hair and beards long to stay warm in the winter, and then cut them off in the spring. One year, the winter lasted so long; the loggers had to tuck their beards in their boots. Finally, they cut them off with a ..........

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Winters in Minnesota came suddenly. One year, as the loggers were drinking coffee, it got so cold, the drinks instantly became ..........

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The same winter, there was so much snow in Minnesota; the men had to dig down 20 feet to find the tops of the trees. When it all melted, the snow created the Great Lakes region and a new ......... area stocked with snow-fish.

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The tall tales of Paul Bunyan's fantastic existence will always delight readers with their amazing ......... They can even view an 18 foot tall statue of the King of Lumberjacks next to Babe, the Blue Ox on the shore of Lake Bemidji, Minnesota.

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