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English Grammar Exercises

English Slang Idioms (299)

ESL test for intermediate level students

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"Hi, I'd like to order a cheeseburger. I was wondering if I could request a salad on the ......... instead of French fries," Bill said to the waitress.

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"We were driving home from Santa Rosa and, on the ......... of the moment, we decided to drive to Shelter Cove. It was a lot of fun but the drive to Shelter Cove added about two hours of driving time to our schedule," Chris told Adam.

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"I am somewhat angry at Joe. He embarrassed me by putting me on the ......... at his dinner party. He told everyone that I like to sing and, all of a sudden, asked me to sing at the table without accompaniment. I said no but he kept making an issue of it until I was thoroughly embarrassed," Jane said to Marcie.

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"I am sick of spending Friday nights in front of the TV. Let's go out for a night on the ......... this Friday. We'll have dinner and go to a show and maybe go out for drinks afterwards," Pete said to Allison.

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"My parents are taking me to Six Flags. It would be more fun if you could come with us. I am sure my parents would love to have you come. Do you think your mother would let you go even though you just got poor grades in school?" Davie asked Lewis. Lewis responded, "I've got my mother on a .........; she'll let me do anything I beg her to let me do."

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"Is it OK if I come over to your house to play for a little while? I accidently lost my sister's lipstick and she is on the .........," Gina said to Mary.

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"My boyfriend embarrassed me very badly at the party the other night. First, he insulted the host and his wife and then threatened to beat up the husband for something that happened at work. Then, on ......... of that, he ran into the table where all the food was sitting. One of the legs broke and everyone's dinner fell on the couple's brand new carpeting," Liz told Jennifer.

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"I don't want to eat sushi again tonight. We already had sushi once this week. I like sushi but I only like to eat it every ......... in a while," Matt said to Peggy.

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"Once upon a ........., there was a unicorn that lived in a forest. That unicorn was the only one of his kind that was not able to fly," Matt started saying after his daughter asked him to tell her a bedtime story.

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"Thank you for talking to me about this. You have motivated me to have it out with him once and for .........," Janice told her sister.

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