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Lesson 40
Dear Friend,

Who are your English teachers and where are they now? You probably learned English at school, first at elementary or secondary school and maybe later at a commercial language school such as Berlitz, Inlingua, Linguarama, Wall Street Institute, EnglishTown, Myngle or LiveMocha.

Now, on our forum you can meet English language trainers any time and for free! If you want to speak to an English teacher or a native English speaker on our forum, you don''t have to pay at all-- you just need a headset and a reliable Internet connection. Yes, ''the best things in life are free''!

But it''s also true that we don''t often place much value on things we haven''t paid for. If something is free, we tend to take it for granted or even ignore it completely. On the other hand, if we must pay for something, we usually make sure that we get the maximum return on our outlay. After all, we''ve spent our hard-earned cash on the product or service, so we want to get as much use as possible out of it.

Let''s say you buy an annual sports gym membership for $300. How often will you go to the gym and how much time will you spend working out? You will certainly go there as often as possible just to get a return on your investment, won''t you?

Now, how about a paid English course? If you go to Berlitz or any other language school, they charge you quite a lot of money, but what exactly do you get for your fee? You pay to sit in a room with some other learners and one native English speaker, and when you have used up your paid hours, you must pay again or abandon the course. The English teachers will speak with you only if you pay them.

On our forum, however, you have unlimited access to English teachers and native speakers around the world. There is no fee whatsoever, and you can post as many voice messages as you wish. If you want to improve your speaking skills at a commercial or online language school, you first have to enroll in their program. On our forum you can start speaking English immediately without paying anything.

So what are you waiting for? Why not start improving your English for free right now? If you don''t know how to use our online voice recorder, please click on the link at the bottom of this email. There you will also find links that take you to some interesting voice recordings by English teachers, native speakers and other successful English learners. is the only worldwide forum where you will find an online voice recorder!

Friend, start improving your English now! It''s absolutely free!
Here you can meet Tatyana, an English teacher from Moscow.
Here you can make friends with Tom Kane, a voice specialist from the USA.
Here you can hear Tom speak to one of your fellow forum members.
Here you can meet Bill (KitosDad) from England.
Here you can hear Stefan sing the ABC song.
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to record your voice.

See you on the forum.

Many thanks,
Torsten Daerr

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If you have any English grammar or vocabulary questions,
please post them on this English Grammar Forum.

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