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Lesson 47
Dear Friend,

My name is Torsten Daerr and this email is strictly confidential. Please share it with nobody as it is written for you only. I have gone through our database of more than 110.000 subscribers to chose you, Friend as the recipient of this email because it contains information about an opportunity you will never get again. So read this email carefully. But first let me say why I have selected you out of tens of thousands of people. Ever since you signed up for my free email English course you have followed many of my suggestions on how to improve your English.

Most importantly, you registered on our forum quite a while ago and you have been an active community member. You are one of the few who know how to use the online voice recorder and your voice is clear and positive. You have asked a lot of interesting questions on the forum and you have also answered questions posted by other forum members. In addition, you have posted some of your own photographs on the forum to make it even more attractive. I have spoken to all our moderators and major contributors and they all are of the same opinion: Friend is a great fan of the English language, an active community member and a person we appreciate and respect.

With my email today I want to thank you for everything you have done for us. As a token of trust I''d like to share with you a secret. You might have heard of an organization called ''ETS -- Educational Testing Services''. It''s the worldwide market leader in creating standardized knowledge tests. One ETS test is called TOEIC which stands for ''English For International Communication''. Friend, did you know that every year more than 4 million people from all over the world take the TOEIC test? Now mind you, it''s a fact that 4 million people take the test every year which is more than 40 million within 10 years! Now, how many of those 40 million people do you think have access to the Internet like you? Of course the vast majority of them go online every single day. Friend, if you were a TOEIC test candidate, where would you look for information on how to prepare for the exam? On the Internet of course!

However, if you google terms like ''TOEIC test online'' or ''TOEIC sample'' or ''TOEIC'' simulator you will find only A very few websites and they all offer their services only for money. In other words, there is no single website out there that let''s you take an entire simulated TOEIC test for free. Wait a minute. There is such a site. As a matter of fact, on that site you can take several simulated full-length TOEIC based tests as well as a variety of simulated TOEFL tests! The big question is where is that website? Well, we have created it for you, Friend.

You are one of a few hand-picked people who get the chance to qualify for free access to our secret simulated TOEIC test based prep engine. Yes, you heard that right: You won''t have to pay a single penny to test the platform. All you need to do is post a short voice recording on the forum explaining why you would like to try and evaluate the new TOEIC test based simulator. Let me explain that again. You have the chance to get access to the first and only complete online TOEIC test simulator which will give you the following benefits:

- you will get an objective and comprehensive assessment of your English language skills
- you will be able to practice and improve your English for free
- you will become familiar with the most widely recognized business English test worldwide

Friend, let me repeat what you need to do to gain the free advantages outlined above:
- go to the forum thread below
- record a short voice message introducing yourself and saying that you want to get access to the TOEIC test based prep engine
- say why you want to improve your English and how the new platform might help you

For example, your voice message could read as follows:
"Hello everyone, my name is Friend and I''m requesting access to the first free TOEIC based simulator. I want to improve my business English skills because I work for an international company. Please send me the link to the TOEIC based simulator via private forum message. Thank you very much."

Once you have posted your voice message, I guarantee that you will receive free access to at least 5 full-length TOEIC simulation tests.

Now, you might ask yourself ''why do I need to post a voice message to access the platform, why can''t I get the link without doing anything for it?'' Well, for starters this wouldn''t be interesting, would it? When we get things for nothing we usually don''t value or appreciate them. Another reason is that I want to make absolutely sure that you are the right person for this award. We have invested an enormous amount of money and time in creating this new platform and I''m sure you will understand that we can afford to make it available only to people who are worth our efforts. With you, Friend I''m confident I''ve made the right choice and I look forward to hearing your voice message on the forum. Please click here: First simulated TOEIC® based test this spring.

Good luck,
Torsten Daerr

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