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Lesson 38
Dear Friend,

Here is some important information nobody has taught you at school so you might want to read this carefully. There is a very basic rule that applies to many situations and aspects of your life and it''s called ''the law of increased returns''. I''m pretty sure that you have never heard of this before, have you? Well, the law of increased returns is older than mankind itself and it is universal. This law says that whatever you do to or for another individual comes back to you multiplied several times. So for example, if you help another person without asking what you get back from it, you will be rewarded for your efforts and what you receive in return will be several times more than what you have invested. Since this law is universal it also works in nature, science and economy.

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Let''s look at how food is grown: First the farmer cultivates the soil, plants the seeds, waters and nurtures the ground and then Mother Nature pays them back for their efforts and intelligence. And the payback is much greater than what the farmer initially invested. If this wasn''t the case, we would all starve to death in a matter of days. The law of increased returns also applies to the way energy is generated. The amount of effort you put in is always much smaller than what you get out. Otherwise it would be impossible for you to drive a car, heat your house or use your computer.

What most people don''t know is that the law of increased returns also works when it comes to learning English. For example, the vast majority of people don''t learn how to type without constantly looking at their keyboards. As a result they need a lot of time to create a very short simple message and they make a lot of typos. Please keep in mind that this applies to everyone -- native speakers of English as well as learners of English. We live in an age of electronic communication. Most documents are typed on a computer. Most messages are sent through the Internet. The fastest and most effective way of exchanging letters is via email. Now, how do you create an electronic document? By using a computer keyboard, of course. The question is how many people who own a computer have actually learned how to type properly? I would say no more than 5%. Think about this: 95% of all computer owners never learn how to use their computers properly. Very strange, isn''t it? Imagine if 95% of all car owners never learned how to drive a car.

So how exactly does the law of increased returns apply to learning English? Well, if you learn how to type properly, you can ask more questions and you can share more of your experiences with people from around the world. Being able to type also means that you can do your job much more effectively. If you can type you can answer more emails without any typing mistakes. Learning how to type is not difficult. You invest a few hours first but you will be paid back for your efforts many times. You learn how to type once and then you will benefit from this single skill all your life because it''s a fact that computers and keyboards will be an integral part of our lives for the coming decades if not centuries. It''s also a fact that we live in a world of competition: The most effective workers get the best jobs. The people with the best jobs get the highest salaries. The people who get the highest salaries get the best opportunities to do what they really enjoy.

Friend, do you think it is difficult to compete with others when it comes to getting A high-paid job? I would say it''s quite easy because so many people are not willing to learn the basics. If someone tells me they really want to learn English but they are not willing to learn how to type first, this person actually doesn''t want to learn English. They are just not serious about their goals because it doesn''t take much to learn how to type. You probably remember that a couple of weeks ago I asked you how fast you can type. The actual question should be ''Can you type properly''? And if your answer is ''no'' you should ask yourself when you are going to start learning how to type. Yes, I know I might sound demanding and I actually am because I want you to succeed. I want you to belong to the small minority of people who have learned how to set and achieve their goals.

Our forum members frequently ask us how they can improve their writing skills. By now I think you know how to answer this question. As a matter of fact, you might want to do the following: Browse through the posts on our forum. You can easily see who of the authors have learned how to type properly and who have not. At the bottom of this email you will find a list of commonly made typing errors and you can check them for yourself. As you go through the list, please remember that a potential employer would usually not tell you what they think about you when they see that you can''t type properly. They just look for those people who understand the ''law of increased returns'' and give the job to someone who has learned how to use a computer keyboard.

Friend, I understand that changing your habits and investing time in your future is a challenge for you. That''s why I''d like to encourage you to connect with other learners on our forum and support one other in learning how to type and achieve our goals. It is difficult to start something new if you are on your own. However, if we pull together, anything is possible. If you want to take part in this project, click on the links below and post your thoughts on the forum. Many thanks. Torsten Daerr.

Dear Friend, as I mentioned, here is a list of commonly made typing errors.

Here you can share your thoughts on the ''law of increasing returns'' and proper typing.

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please post them on this English Grammar Forum.

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