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Linda Arlia  
My name is Linda Mitchell. It was Linda Arlia but I recently changed my last name because I was married on March 25, 2006. I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — a city of about one million people — and I now live in California with my husband who is American.

Here is a list of services I offer:

  1. Commercial photography (office artwork, limited edition prints, custom art and post cards, magnets, bookmarks and calendars) and personal photography services (weddings, graduations, children and pet photography, reunions etc) including creative graphic design and photo restoration.
  2. Freelance writing services (ghostwriting, proofreading/editing, article writing, reports, training manual scripts, brochure/pamphlet writing etc.)
  3. English tutoring (tutoring and creating lessons via Skype and email, ESL test writing, ESL learning material/lesson plan writing).

My passion for photography and art began as a hobby — something that I didn''t think I could make a living at but I enjoyed dabbling in various mediums just the same. I especially love artwork and writing.

So, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in English literature and Psychology in 1999. Shortly after I graduated, I went to teach English in South Korea for one year. While I was there, the lush, mountainous landscape captivated me and I began taking photographs of many sights.

When I returned to Canada, I went to work as a writer/journalist for a weekly newspaper in a small, Alberta town of about 6,000 people. I wrote anywhere between seven to ten stories per week — on various topics. I was also responsible for photographs to illustrate some of my articles as well as front page and/or stand alone shots of various events happening in and around the town. The town''s economy relies heavily on the oil and gas sector as well as a large agricultural industry.

At that time, my passion for photography grew — as did my passion for writing — and I studied about the technical aspects of taking photographs as well as finding interesting spins on every day life. The staff often told me I have a good eye for photography and the newspaper''s publisher sent me on a photographic and newspaper layout course.

I worked at this newspaper for more than one year and during that time I also found that the small town feel and the rich farmland and agricultural landscape charmed me.

In July 2002, I went to work for twice weekly newspaper in a city — that sits right on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan known as Canada''s only border city — of about 22,000 people. For those of you who don''t know the country well, central to eastern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are called the prairie provinces also known as "Big Sky Country" because of the flat plains and large sky that sits over and around the entire area.

Again, this city''s economy relies heavily on the oil and gas and agricultural sectors of society. At this time, I was responsible for five to seven stories per week in the public education, arts and entertainment and business beats as well as taking photographs. I worked with some talented writers and photographers and I learned more about the art of quality photographs.

The vastness of the prairies, the fascinating sunsets and the soft, rolling landscape in this region also charmed me and I started to take more and more photographs of the areas I enjoyed most. I worked there for about a year and a half and then I went to teach ESL on a one-year contract in South Korea again. I continued with my passion for photography and writing and I met my husband while I was there.

When I returned to Canada near the end of 2004, I decided to open a company that specialized in freelance writing, ESL tutoring and photography. I opened the company in July 2005 and went to work at making my business enjoyable and successful. I also decided to do my own printing and to create postcards, gift cards, calendars and limited edition prints of my work. It''s a lot of work but well worth the effort.

I now have several gift shops in Alberta that carry my gift card lines as well a number of Canadian postcards I created. I only use my photographs and the Copyright is mine at all times.

I also do custom work for people. For example, I''ve taken custom photographs and then created postcards for the City of St. Albert, Drayton Valley and Brazeau County, the Carvel General Store and Inspired Market Gardens.

I''ve accumulated several sets of postcards including scenes from western Canada, South Korea, Thailand, California as well as a special herb, edible flower and non-edible flower collection.

Some of my limited edition prints are either bought or on consignment in several art galleries in Alberta and I create custom and standard calendars with my photographs. My husband is also interested in photography and we partnered in a scenic calendar of the Canadian Rockies as well.

At times, I will register for gift shows so clients become more familiar with my work. And I will also create custom brochures and wedding invitations for businesses and clients and if they''d like to use my photographs, we work out an agreement but I don''t sell the Copyright.

Several veterinary offices purchase my sympathy and welcome cards for their clients because I also have an animal photographic collection.

I continue to write on a freelance basis and for a technical writing company and

I hope you enjoy some of the scenes as much as I have.

You can meet me here:
Linda from Canada / ESL Forum Member

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