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Roberto Enrique Steffens Villarreal  
My name is Roberto Enrique Steffens Villarreal, but you can simply call me Roberto. Here is a brief description of my freelance activity, achievements and job experience:

I am a passionate language teacher, translator and interpreter having gained a lot of experience in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and German. I would also welcome translation jobs from other languages such as Italian, Catalan, Polish, Czech, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Dutch, particularly into Spanish.

I really enjoy teaching ESL and it is an enthusiasm I share with my colleagues in Leipzig. My job as a translator/interpreter and a trainer or teacher is not only a responsibility I have taken on for my life, but also the fulfillment of a hobby I have been devoting myself to for ages. one of my favorite areas of interest is etymology. I am also fond of dancing, music, traveling around the world and meeting people.

My team:
As a translation team, we have been working together with different translation agencies in Leipzig, Germany, for the last few years. Thanks to this cooperation, we have been able to reach a high level of expertise. An achievement we are most proud of is the translation of a book about solar technology that was published in Spain almost two years ago.

I was born in Soledad, Colombia, on September 12th, 1969 and went to a school for gifted children to study maths, physics, music and languages (8 languages: English, French, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Russian, Italian, German). I was granted a six-year scholarship by the GDR government, which allowed me to study Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in Merseburg, situated in the former GDR. Later I decided to enhance my language skills at Leipzig University, where I was trained to be a translator for Spanish, French, Italian and German. I grew up with two mother tongues (Spanish and Portuguese) and I can speak fluently not only French, English, German, but also Polish, Czech and other languages, Have a look at the following Internet pages of the Stadt Leipzig concerning one of my translation works. There is also an article about me in the LVZ (Leipziger Volkszeitung: local newspaper in Leipzig, July 15 2005).

You can meet me here:
Roberto from Germany / ESL Forum Member

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