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meaning of Congratulated

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What is the meaning of consumers and costumers? | Meaning of boors
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meaning of Congratulated #1 (permalink) Mon Nov 01, 2004 11:36 am   meaning of Congratulated

Test No. incompl/inter-4 "Easy Questions", question 3

They ......... him for his brave actions.

(a) praised
(b) worshipped
(c) flattered
(d) congratulated

Test No. incompl/inter-4 "Easy Questions", answer 3

They praised him for his brave actions.

Correct answer: (a) praised

Your answer was: incorrect
They congratulated him for his brave actions.


Why don' t you use congratulate?

Thank you.
Monika Aara
Monika Aara

Congratulate #2 (permalink) Mon Nov 01, 2004 11:40 am   Congratulate

This is to do with the use of the preposition. So we have:

They praised her FOR helping the poor in the country

They congratulated her ON collecting money for the poor
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Congratulated? #3 (permalink) Thu Sep 15, 2005 16:45 pm   Congratulated?

So the difference between:
to praise sb. for sth.
and to congratulate sb. on sth.
is only in prepositons, not in the meaning ?
Thank you in advance

Congratulated? #4 (permalink) Mon May 28, 2007 22:27 pm   Congratulated?

Hi all,

And what is wrong with "flattered"

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Congratulated? #5 (permalink) Mon May 28, 2007 22:53 pm   Congratulated?

flattered - i think - it's when you tell someone a good thing about himself but not necessarily true
but when you praised someone you actually congratulate him for a good thing he did

hope that help
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meaning of Congratulated #6 (permalink) Tue May 29, 2007 15:03 pm   meaning of Congratulated

congratulate on/for

While I agree that the preposition 'on' is the most common one to use with 'congratulate', I certainly would not consider the use of 'congratulate for' to be incorrect.
Is this one of those differences between American English and British English again???

I would also choose 'praise' as the correct answer for this test sentence, but not because of the preposition. I would choose 'praise' because the meaning of the word 'praise' is simply more appropriate in the sentence.
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meaning of Congratulated #7 (permalink) Wed Apr 29, 2009 16:43 pm   meaning of Congratulated

why can't it be: worshipped in this sentence? thanks
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meaning of Congratulated #8 (permalink) Wed Apr 29, 2009 20:04 pm   meaning of Congratulated

Use your dictionary, and you will see that worship is too strong a verb in terms of the amount of praise. 'Worship', means to treat somebody as a divine being, such as a deity or god.
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meaning of Congratulated #9 (permalink) Mon Nov 30, 2009 14:05 pm   meaning of Congratulated

What is mean preposition?
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