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your evaluation please?

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A youth is a young person | the oldest and largest trees in the world are found in California
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your evaluation please? #1 (permalink) Tue Dec 25, 2012 15:29 pm   your evaluation please?

I'm an active member of english test forum so please i need your assessment to what i wrote no matter if it does not suit your writing taste or relevant to well-written english.Just help me to boost my skills in the field of writing.

"She called him and was all happy to tell him that she still loves him with warm-hearted feeling.He was happy to hear that which pushed out more adrenaline throughout all parts of his body with an irresistable feeling of having her laid on his chest,their converstation went far to the extent that they belived their love should bound up to the prospect of marriage.Few days passed from their last conversation when the girl threw it all behind her back as if what they planned had been a wrong affair and been like a play of pastime either.He was no suprised, not even sad , no cries came out of his eyes ,his heart-beats neither increased nor decreased ,it remained at a normal level as he took the whole situation from a positive perspective and that's all was due to past experiences which taught him how to react towards such situations.After reading her message which had many allusions to him that the jackass him self would have understood it partially if not completly,the boy was not angry at all though an overwhelming feeling of rage and sorrow kept hunting him to give up to his instinctions and the cry the situation out,instead;he answered her: you are not the first and not the last one who has done such thing,you have been just an actress of my serie of life ,and since you did not perform your play well,you must be out of my life one way or another,since i no longer give all my heart!! "
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

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A youth is a young person | the oldest and largest trees in the world are found in California
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