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Demonstrations in Turkey?

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Demonstrations in Turkey? #1 (permalink) Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:37 am   Demonstrations in Turkey?

Hello people, is there anyone among enligh-test users that is from Turkey? I would really like to know what is going on there.. I heard it started when group of people wanted to protect the park and trees from getting cut and destroyed, but what is the real trigger to massive demonstrations amongst the whole Turkey? People are unsatisfied with Erdogan and his politics? Why? Or is there any other reason?

Thanks in advance..
I'm here quite often ;-)

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Demonstrations in Turkey? #2 (permalink) Thu Jul 11, 2013 17:54 pm   Demonstrations in Turkey?

Hello Dear B3I1,I will try to response your question/wonderment.

Yes,ı am from turkey.There are 2 reasons of the demonstrations basicly.

The first reason is to prevent the destruction of park ,

cutting down trees,protecting nature,nature awareness etcetera.

The demonstrations has started cause of the first reason.

More over,The increasing of impact of demonstrations has brought out

the second reason.

The second reason is about to become dictator of

the prime minister of Turkey over time increasingly.

Winning the third election also as the other elections,(First and second one ) and

getting out the vote % 50 has caused of autocracy of Akp / the prime minister.

Therefore,the people is who reacted to this issue has attended

to the demonstrations.I tryed to explain ,kind regards.
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

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Demonstrations in Turkey? #3 (permalink) Fri Jul 12, 2013 13:05 pm   Demonstrations in Turkey?

It has been a long time since I posted this topic, and in a meantime I found several sources about the issues in Turkey. Now I have more questions for you...

Are you personally satisfied with Erdogan politics? I don't live there,but I have been there few times .. and all I can say is from an economic aspect of view he did really much for Turkey..
I'm here quite often ;-)

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Demonstrations in Turkey? #4 (permalink) Sun Jul 14, 2013 20:42 pm   Demonstrations in Turkey?

hi there,

as I get it, the problem is that Erdogan hasnīt improved enough as to claim democracy. I mean the basic issue has been that the turkish gov intended to allow or erect itselves a mall in a public (gesi) park. Of course there were people (legally) opposing that idea and gatherring in that park for protests. Like "every" goverment does Erdoganīs parliament claimed potesters as terrorists and beated and tortured them. Noone would have dropped a tear if not Erdoganīs government had left it at that single action and later acted much softer.
Well actualy I think Erdogan hadnīt really adopted the idea of democracy which means make fools of opponents (i.e. protesters) and all is fine.

kind regards
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Demonstrations in Turkey? #5 (permalink) Sun Jul 14, 2013 21:21 pm   Demonstrations in Turkey?

Hello again Dear B3L1,

Your question is brief but it's answer isn't.I will try to summarize.

I am not satisfied personally with Erdoğan politics but he is my prime minister.I must respect.

1-)In terms of Akp ;

There is no alternative party instead of AKP in Turkey.Therefore,ı say that Akp should has been continuing to lead my country.

2-)In terms of economy;

Turkey has been advanced in short term but this advancement will be disadvantage in long term.Because,we haven't been producing for a long time as a country.

Denationalizing is not good idea in my opinion for development.

2-) In terms of Democracy;

I can say that the power has changed hands.So,we couldn't sufficiently develop.

But nevertheless we are living in a unique country and we love our country as Turkey.

And where do you live and what is your idea about your country's politics and economics ?

Thanks in advance,

kind regards.
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

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Demonstrations in Turkey? #6 (permalink) Wed Jul 17, 2013 13:45 pm   Demonstrations in Turkey?

Well to be honest with you when it comes to 'denationalization' , all I can say is that denationalization could be bad for development, but at the other side it is everyone's right to take what belonged to them.

I think everyone who is either a good or a bad observant was able to spot drastic economic leap for Turkey, now who is a better observer can spot like you said ,that it's a short-term leap. I read and heard that he don't hesitate to sacrifice culture,history and other valuable things for economy and power.

The other thing I don't like about him is that his actions are under huge religious influence..

When it comes to politics and economy in my country..uh-hu it's really chaotic here without any order and harmony. I live in Serbia, we got well-known Balkan disease ..
I'm here quite often ;-)

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Demonstrations in Turkey? #7 (permalink) Sun Aug 04, 2013 21:31 pm   Demonstrations in Turkey?

Hi to all Turkish citizen,
Please remember that Erdoghan and Dovotoghlu done the most try and challenges to progressing of turkey.
Really, we like my Muslim and friendly neighborhood country and we are being so happy with turkey progressing. You will have more democratic presidential election in next 6 month.So, don't interrupt in government duties. If you are open-minded and scientific person, you should accept that this situation is not good for turkey's economy, politics and culture.

I hope the best wishes for you.
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

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