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commitment; obligation; period of employment
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Staying Alive! | With best wishes
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Don't, #1 (permalink) Sun Aug 11, 2013 16:00 pm   Don't,

Don't close your eyes when I kiss you,
'Cos I feel that you're thinking of him.
Don't turn away when I call out your name
I know I'm not better than him.
For you've told me it over and over again
But that doesn't lessen my pain.
Remember the time when you loved me
Can't we start all over again?

Don't glare at me when I'm smiling
Don't argue with all that I say.
Can't I be right, just once in a while?
Things might be better that way.
I know that it all sounds so futile
Perhaps I should just walk away,
But deep in my heart I still need you
So I'll stick around just one more day.

Folks tell me you're not really happy
This new guys not really your type.
They say that you argue for hours
They say that you can't sleep at night.
Well maybe it's me that you're missing
At least I can hope that it is.
Just whistle and I'll come a'running
'Cos I can't go on living like this.

Try and remember the good times
The times when we laughed till it hurt.
Please don't treat me like a leper
Alone and ignored in the dirt.
For I pray that you'll once again need me
I'll hasten to be by your side.
Pick up the phone and just call me
Remember, you once were my bride.
Keep it simple ... Keep it interesting.
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Staying Alive! | With best wishes
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